Gearing your level 70 hunter (part 2)

Hello again – this time we talk about armor. Please read part 1 for a reminder of the basic stats we are looking for and for some weapon suggestions.

You can look up all the things I list on to find out more details and where to get them.

Before I list the suggestions I want to make a quick note about mail versus leather armor. Hunters can obviously wear mail after 40. You have probably discounted leather gear since then. However, there are a couple of leather pieces at the higher levels whose stats are so much better than the hard to find mail equivalents, that they are worth looking at, at least for a stop gap. Plus if you go survival your mantra will be agility, agility, agility, and there tends to be more agility on rogue leather than there does on hunter mail. Just don’t roll against a rogue or feral druid on leather pieces. Also remember leather is good for some situations, not for others. You need some mail backups if possible.

My main list is going to cover pieces obtained through pve and boe pieces on the ah. But first, the pvp and BOJ pieces.

PVP armor – Merciless Gladiator
As of today you can obtain the old season 2 arena set Merciless Gladiator’s Chain set through Battleground honor and tokens. This replaces the previous Gladiator chain set. It’s purple epic gear, and easier and quicker to get than other epic gear (although it may also have you stabbing yourself in the eye with a pencil running wsg and eots). Matching boots, bracers and belt are the Vindicator’s Chain The points you need are as follows:

Item Honor Marks BG
Gauntlets 10,500 20 AV
Helm 14,500 30 AV
Leggings 14,500 30 WSG
Spaulders 11,250 20 AB
Chest 14,500 30 AB
Boots 17,850 40 EOTs
Belt 17,850 40 EOTs
Bracers 11,794 20 WSG

Ex-PVP armor for beginners – Stalker’s Chain
OK, that’s a lot of dead orcs. And you are feeling awfully squishy yourself in your quested greens. So before you go into the BGs here’s a suggestion that’s helped Tinuviel a lot. Go purchase the Blue (rare) ex-pvp set available from outland quartermasters. It is both a good stop gap for pve and an excellent starter kit for pvp. The set is called Stalker’s Chain and you can get it from the following quartermasters. In each case you require honored rep – I have put a note on how to obtain the rep:

Item Quartermaster Rep Grind
Gloves Honor Hold Hellfire, Ramparts, Blood furnace
Shoulders Shat’ar Mechanar, Botanica, some quests
Helm Lower City Arrokoa feather turn in, quests
Chest Keepers of Time Old Hillsbrad, Black Morass
Leggings Cenarion Exped Zangamarsh, coilfang, plant parts

Badges of Justice Gear (BOJs)
This is not really starter hunter gear, but I thought I would mention it. BOJs come from 3 sources: boss kills in heroic instances and the heroic instance daily quest; boss kills in raid instances like karazhan; and occassionally from sunwell supply packs, a reward from some of the daily quests in shattrah (and one on Quel’danas). If you are not yet kitted out in mostly blues, you are not ready for kara or heroics, so you are not going to get these very fast. Gear up on some of the other stuff first so you can be a useful member of a group (see also the list of level 70 instances in order of difficult on this website). You can see what you can get with your BOjs from 2 vendors – the pink Naaru Ge’ras (first floor in central shatt area) and the blacksmith who gives the naga ore quest in Quel’danas. Here’s my suggestion for the first piece you should save your BOJs for:

Blood Lust Broach Trinket 41BOJs Increases AP by 72; and on use increase AP by 278 for 20 secs (2min cooldown)

This is likely to last a long time. There is a cloak and some other stuff for a between 25-50 badges, but there are comparable cloaks you can get elsewhere.

Main List
OK onto the main list – these are items available from quests (often the end of chains, sometimes needed groups to finish them), instances, and BOE ah purchases. They are rare (blue) items, unless otherwise indicated. I have listed some good green items, but to be kara ready you would want to mix greens with blues and purples and look again at the minimum requirements. Remember also the blue ex-pvp items above. It’s not an exhaustive list, there may be some better stuff I’ve missed, and its only suggestions to get u started. Also, there are some acceptable green BOEs I haven’t listed, especially of the Bandit and of the Monkey or of Agility items – Just don’t let me catch you stacking strength

Crown of Cinders (green) – SMV quest Thwart the Dark Conclave
Stalker’s Helmet of Second Sight – SMV quest Teron Gorefiend, Am I
Beast Lord Helm – drop final boss Mech

Skybreaker’s Mantle (green) – SMV quest A Job Unfinished
Exotic Spiked Shoulders(green) – Neth quest Wanted Annihilator Servo
Beast Lord Mantle – final boss Steamvault
Towering Mantle of the Hunt – Commander Sarannis Bot
Blackened Leather Spaulders (leather) – Kurenai revered – yes they are leather but they have +20 agi +70 AP and +15 hit

Cloak of the Craft – BOE ah
Terrok’s Might (purple)- BOE ah expensive- from an elite in skettis summoned through a quest chain I believe – but bought my from the ah
Vengeance Wrap (purple)- Amaethon can craft these – expensive on the mats but v epic
Skyguard Drape – requires revered with Shat’ari Skyguard – Skettis rep grind
Cloak of Impulsiveness – Lt Drake Old Hillsbrad
Dawnstrike’s Cloak (green) – down with Deallis Neth quest (has hit)

Beast Lord Cuirass – Warp Splinter – final boss in Botanica
Felstalker Breastplate – crafted – Anelf and others in the guild can make them
Breastplate of rapid striking – BOE ah
Chestguard of the Stormspike (green) – surveying the ruins Nether (has hit rating)

Belt of Gale force – boe ah
Felstalker Belt – Anelf and others can craft this
Blessed scale girdle – shat’ar revered
Shat’ar champions belt – quest how to break into arkatraz

Beast Lord Leggings – final boss steamvaults
Scaled Greaves of Patience – Captain Skarloc Old Hillsbrad
Scales of the Beast – BOE ah

(there aren’t too many great hunter boots out there – I think you will be going for pvp boots unless you get lucky. Until recently Tinuviel was wearing some blue of the bandit boots she picked up from an etherium prisoner – now she has some epic leather rogue boots – still waiting for some good mail boots and groaning at the thought of running 40 Eots)

Skyhunter Swift boots – Darkweaver Syth Sethik halls (12%)
Outland Striders – Zethek the Unbound – Arkatraz (22%)
Duro Footgear (green) – quest Rightful Possession Netherstorm

Felstalker Bracers -Anelf or others can make these
Auchenai Bracers – quest reward from dungeon quest The Soul Devices Shadow Labs

Beast Lord Handguards – Warlord Kagarth Shattered Halls
Ar’tor’s Mainstay – quest The cypher of Damnation SMV
Gauntlets of the Redeeemed Vindicator – quest Death Blow to the Legion Netherstorm

OK – I’m done – stick a fork in me! Part 3 will be shorter, covering neck, ring, and trinkets, but u may have to wait a bit as I will be away for a couple of weeks.


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  1. No love for the Felfury Gauntlets?

  2. You should make this for Horde and Alliance. I can’t get revered with the Kurenai….

    and it’s a bit unorganized….

    You also need to update this because the requirements to buy the Merciless set are different.

  3. @lalelulalo – Thanks for the comment. However, this is an old post and level 70 gearing guides are obsolete now level 80 is end-game. We have no plans to go back and change blog posts referring to BC end-game content, as this is of very little general interest now.

    You’re welcome to append pertinent information as a comment to this post if you wish, as for any other post.