Karazhan minimum spec / stats

Recommended Kara entry level stats (you can go in a bit lower, but much lower and you won’t be pulling your weight):

Beastmaster – 7,500 health (hp);  6,000 mana ; 1500 attack power (ap);  18% crit;  +75 hit
Marksman – 7,500 hp;  6,500 mana;  1800 ap;  18% crit;  +75 hit
Survival* – 7,500 hp;  6,000 mana;  600 agility;  25% crit;  +30 hit

* full survival only recommened for 1 hunter in any raid, and only after you have 600 agility unbuffed to support exposed weakness talent (so you are unlikely to have this as a new level 70 on entry to kara). You need less hit as you have surefooted talent, which does not show up on char sheet. You will get more crits through talents, which do.

PS.  If you are being asked to chain trap on the trash before the Huntsman and on Moroes’s dinner guests, you will find it a whole lot easier with either your minor points in the survival tree (to get Clever Traps) and/or 2 pieces of the Beast Lord armor set (see article on chain trapping). 



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