Tinuviel (Level 70 night elf hunter)

Tinuviel was the second character I created in WOW, and my first to level 70 (rest in peace Weyland, dwarf paladin, I never understood how to use judgements and seals, no wonder you always died).

My love affair with hunters began with her.  I have created many other hunter alts since, although only Harrylime (orc hunter extrodinarie) has ever made it past 50.

Tinuviel means Nightingale and also ‘daughter of starry twilight’ (nightelf anyone?) in Sindar elivish.  It’s part of the name of Luthien Tinuviel a character in Tolkien’s Middle Earth mythology.   Her full story is told in The Silmarillon, but she is mentioned in The Lord of the Rings.  Tinuviel is fairly unique in Tolkien as she is one of the few elf females who actually do anything active, rather than sit under a canopy looking beatiful or speaking in riddles.   With the help of a wolf (see she has a pet kinda) she rescues her beloved from a dungeon, defeating Sauron, and cc’ing his boss Morgoth (until that is her stoopid boyfriend Beren broke the cc).

I kinda picked a punky look of long green hair in a plait. It’s pretty unique, only the herbalism trainer in sw seems to sport such unfashionable hair.  I am not sure if I will visit the stylist for a revamp in Wrath, or if I have grown used to my ugly look (although at the moment she is even ugly on account of a season 2 Merciless Gadiator’s Helm- on of the scariest and ugliest looking hunter hats in game).

She levelled and spent a lot of time at 70 as a Beastmaster hunter 41/20/0 (all hail the god of beastmaster hunters Big Red Kitty and the angel Hobbes).  More recently though, she has been sporting 41/0/20,  0/21/40 and a 0/31/30 survival mix and hybrid builds.  She has become the premier trapper in groups, even when in Karazhan on the Moroes fights, It is Tinuviel that chain traps throughout the fight, not any priest we have with us.  These builds are good for utility in raids and heroics, and pretty good in BGs, but I think if you cut her in half you would see Beastmaster running through her, like the writing through a stick of seaside rock.

Pet preferences include cats, wolves, bears (if only they could dash), and possibly owls (new to the menagerie).  Yes I know as a min-maxer some of these aren’t the best, but its horses for courses.  Tin uses her cat for max dps, her owl for soloing as he seems to hold aggro well with screech, and wolf just cuz she loves him.  I know ravagers are good, but I don’t like their looks, I’m kind of a traditionalist.  Wind serpents flapping annoys me (though I quite like the owl for some reason), and don’t talk to me about the horrid rattling noise scorpids make.

Current pets:

Gwind (means light blue in sindar elvish) – cat – azure mount skin – formally level 60 shy-rotam summoned quest spawn from winterspring.  I trained her up from 60-70 when I was already at 70 – a labour of love.

Red – a Timber wolf – trained from blades edge – though you can get lower level ones from burning steps and Barnabas from Badlands (I could never find him though, despite a week of looking :>( )  He just looks the part.  He has stayed impressively large on training, he has a friendly loyal grin (or lots of sharp teeth, depending on your point of view), and I love him.  Unfortunately, I hope I don’t have to part with him come the expansion.  If there are no extra stable slots and new uber pets, it might be bye bye Red (gulp).

Mith (as in Mithrandir – means grey in elvish) a grey owl trained at level 67 (I was 70) from the border between shadowmoon and terrokar.  Decided to try out an owl, as pets were having trouble holding aggro while soloing, and I read screech generated a lot of threat.  Work in progress, Mith is 69.5.  But seems to be going well.  Looks very elvish.  And I think could be an asset in BGs (something I am doing a lot more of these days), as people get distracted by a flappy thing in their face screeching at them.

The other thing worth noting about Tin, is that I get anxious to be the best at whatever I do with her, and don’t like to fail or perform badly.  This sometimes makes me reticient to try new things, or group with people I don’t know for heroics etc.  It put me off pvp for the longest time, becuase I didn’t want to be made a fool off.  This sometimes makes her stressful rather than fun to play, as I am always worrying about staying ahead of the game gear and skill wise.


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