ZA walk thru part 1: bear boss

ZA walk thru’s – 1. Entry into ZA and Nalorakk the Bear Boss

Suggested raid composition:

2 tanks
3 healers
2 mages
3 dps (at least one hunter is an advantage for freeze trap and misdirection [I would say that though, hey ], but mages are kings/queens of trapping here)

Note: the boss fight is a scripted event. He sends four waves of mobs at you, and retreats three times. Once you start fighting, it is very hard to get out of combat to stop and drink/mana up.  Groups therefore have to get used to chain pulling, conserving mana, and starting fights without being at 100% mana.  Everyone should bring plenty of mana potions, while some fel mana potions, mana oil, and MP5 food might be helpful too.

Initial trash pulls

Enter ZA. You see a gong, a gate, and Harrison Jones (go figure).

Buff up, ready check, then speak to old Indie. He will tell you to bang the gong (if it’s so safe, why doesn’t he do it?)
5-6 people need to bang the gong.

Fight 1:
Two elites appear, one from the right, one left. And 5-6 non-elites in the middle.
AOE tank (paladin best for this) grabs first elite to appear. 2nd tank grabs second. Dps start working on AOE tanks elite. AOE tank grabs Non elites as they appear. AOE down non-elites when AOE tank has aggo, then finish off elites.

Go down right stairwell, then down another stair.

Fight 2:
2 man patrol. Sheep one, kill the other, then the sheep.

Fight 3: (start of mana intensive run) Turn right. See the bear boss on a ledge with 2 trolls.
As you walk closer, he says something and then sends the 2 trolls after you.
They run out of sight, coming toward you. They run past 2 bear mounts, but don’t pull them.
Sheep one (the axe thrower if there is one, as he mutli-shots 3 people at once).

Fight 4:
the 2 bear mounts – they have stackable debuffs called Furious Roar which increases damage by 25% and stacks up to 200%. You can either sheep one, or tank each facing them away from each other and the party. Face it away from the party, however you do it.

Go up, hugging the lefthand side of the wall. There are 2 bears on the right, you don’t have to pull them.
When you enter the next area, turn left, then right away pan right. You can see the bear with 4 friends (no, not your friends).

Fight 5: The bear sends his 4 friends at you. They can be sheeped or freeze trapped. Kill or cc the medicine man quickly, as he drops dangerous totems. If the totems are up, kill the totems.

Climb another set of stairs onto a platform. Stay completely right, because there is another platform with the bear boss and 2 mounted trolls on it.

Fight 6:
The mounted trolls. Tanks pull 1 to the right and 1 to the left of the platform, everyone else stay in the middle. At 30% the troll and mount splits, and unless the tank can keep aggro the mount rushes at healer. He can be sheeped, but if the group is bunched, the hunter can have a freeze trap in front of the healers to trap him. (note these guys are only cc’able once the rider and mount are separate).

Up another stair onto a big platform. 4 baddies – 2 troll riders, and 2 axe throwers.

Fight 7: Sheep the axe throwers. Tank the mounted trolls away from each other on the left and right inclines. NOTE: they cross paths as they come towards you, so the troll on the right will be tanked by the tank on the left. When they split hunter can use freeze trap in front of healer. Kill order – troll 1 > mount 1 > troll 2 > mount 2 > axe thrower 1 (chain sheeped) > axe thrower 2

Woo hoo! You are at the bear boss. If you want to get the timer loot, he has to die within 20 minutes of the timer starting (i.e. when the gate by Harrison Jones opened).

Bear Boss
The fight is primarily a healing/tanking check whose main challenges are handling the brutal swipe, keeping tanks topped off during silences, and tank transitioning correctly to avoid Mangled bleeds on a single tank.

NO Crushing Blows
Enrages after 10 minutes of pulling him. (Raid Warning: Berserker Rage)

In Troll Form
Mangle: All bleed effects cause 100% additional damage
Surge: An Attumen-like Charge ability, hits plate ~1500, hits cloth ~3500
Brutal Swipe: A cleave-like ability which does 11-14k damage on plate (~30k unmitigated); can be divided evenly between two targets for 7,500 damage each

In Bear Form
Lacerating Slash: Bleeding for 1735 damage every 2 sec. (18 sec duration)
Rend Flesh: Bleeding for 2335 damage every 1 sec. (5 sec duration)
Deafening Roar: Deals 1235 to 1365 physical damage and silences enemies for 2 sec

Bleed effects can be removed by Stone Form, Blessing of Protection, Ice Block, or Divine Shield.
Use Amplify Magic as he does not use magic affects.
The boss is resettable – run down the platform. If one tank dies, you should reset him immediately.


There is a green square on the platform floor as a reference point. Tank him at the top of the square and between the stairs, keep him faced AWAY from the group.

2 phases phase 1 – troll (humanoid troll-form with bear head) and phase 2 – bear (giant bear from hell).

The two tanks stand on top of each other as both need to absorb the bears cleave (it will kill one taking the full force of it alone). The tank with the least HPs should tank the troll phase; the other tank should tank the bear. Tank 1 tanks the troll. When he switches (you get a warning from bigwigs/deadly boss mods) Tank2 taunts him off, then tanks the bear.

Everyone else stands in a semi circle around the green square, behind the bear. 3 healers recommended. Spread out. The troll charges people randomly – causing a knock back and loss of ~50% health. So everyone needs to be topped up. If you are too close more than one person will suffer the charge at once.

You don’t have to worry about stopping DPS during the change between phases, but you do need to watch your threat throughout the fight.

To start the fight, the first tank runs up and engages him, followed by the second tank. Everyone else gets into position behind. Second tank needs to watch his aggro, he must NEVER out aggro the first tank, as the first tank’s job is to absorb the Mangle debuff.

Mangle is a debuff that is placed on the current target of the boss (this should be the first tank). It increases the damage from bleed effects by 100%. In Phase 1, the boss does not use any Bleed skills so the first tank is safe from harm. However, in Phase 2 there will be 2 bleeds placed on the Tank, so anybody tanking in Phase 2 with Mangle will be almost guaranteed to die.

Both tanks must be alive at the end of this phase, with the second tank without the Mangle debuff.

Should be 2 healers on the tanks and one healer for the rest of the raid.

Bear phase comes after 45 secs.

Taunt him off the first tank.

During this phase the bear will only hit his main tank, except for cleave, where the 2nd tanks job is to share the damage.

All 3 healers should switch to the main tank, as he will be taking huge amounts of damage, up to 6,000 per tick.

This bear phase lasts 20 secs then he switches back to human form – 1st tank need to get aggo back again. Rinse and repeat.

Easy as swatting flies, right?

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