Smilla (leveling dwarf chick hunter)

Smilla is my new female dwarf hunter.  I love the dwarf starting area, Ironforge, ram mounts, and NPCs telling me to, “keep my feet on the ground.”  But somehow no dwarf alt of mine has ever been able to survive past their 30th birthday.  I’ve tried male and female dwarfs.  I like them, but there is just something about them, perhaps it’s the way they run, perhaps it’s that the females are desperately in need of a sport bra.  I’s the little things that count.

Anyway, I am determined – Smilla is here to stay!  There’s going to be no hurry to level, she will be my fun relaxing character to potter about on, explore the world, get immersed in the fun profession of engineering, and try out some new hunter tricks, without looking like an idiot on my main when I fall flat on my face.  I might also do some low level pvp with her – perhaps even twink her out a bit for level 19 WSG.

Smilla’s name comes from the eponymous character in Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow (book/film).  She has trained up her first pet, a beautiful snow leopard, imaginatively called, Snowman. 

Together Smilla and Snowman will take you through life as a low level and leveling hunter.  Hopefully there will be fun, engineering gadgets, goat mounts, and dead blood elves (well everyone likes a dead blood elf, right?) along the way 🙂


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