Gearing up your Hunter (part 3) – Gems

The Message of the Day is – Don’t work hard for your armor and then fail to enchant, armor kit or socket it. Your’re in a guild with lots of crafters, there’s no excuse for running around with holes in your armor where gems should be.


Rare (blue quality gems for hunters) 
sockets they fit and prices very approx uncut/cut on ah (prices are very approx. and based on my server.  They have risen dramatically recently with the advent of season 4 arena and new BG gear, and a bug with no green gems available as drops through mining, so they may fall in future.)

Delicate Living Ruby* +8agi Red 50g/65g
Shifting Night Eye +4agi/+6stam red/blue 35g/45g
Smooth Dawnstone +8crit yellow 25g/35g
Glinting Noble Topaz* 4agi/4crit yellow/red 35g/55g
Wicked Noble Topaz* 4crit/4ap yellow/red 35g/50g
Jagged Talsite 4crit/6stam yellow/blue 7g/15g
Solid Star* of Elune 12stam 

Uncommon (green quality gems for hunters)

Delicate blood garnet +6agi red
Balanced Shadow Draenite 6ap/4stam red/blue
Glinting Flame Spesserite 3hit/3agi Yellow/red
Jagged Deep Peridot 3crit/4 stam yellow/blue
Ridged Golden Draenite 6hit yellow
SHifting Shadow Draenite 3gi/4stam red/blue
Smooth Golden Draenite 6crit yellow
Solid Azure Moonstune 6stam blue
Wicked Flame Spesserite 3crit/6ap

The uncut gems cost around 2G each at the moment on the ah. The cuts vary from 2G to 15Gish – prices vary wildly on my server.

Meta Gems 

These fit in a helmet slot. They usually have requirements you have to meet for them to work, e.g. must have 6 red gems. This means you must have 6 red gems socketed on the armor you are wearing (any armor obviously not just your hat). Remember red, doesn’t just mean rubies or garnets, it also mean purple or orange gems that count as a red and a blue gem. If it said 2 reds and 2 blues and you had 1 purple and 1 orange you would meet the requirements, as the purple and the orange each count as both a red and a blue  

If a JCer can cut the meta gem you want, you need to supply them with either an uncut earthstorm diamond or an uncut skyfire diamond. Alchemists can transmute these with the ingredients below. Alchemists can make one transmute per day. If you ask an alchemist to transmute a gem for you, its polite to offer a tip, as they are using up their daily transmute.

Earthstorm diamond ingredients for transmute: 3 deep peridot, 3 shadow draenite, 3 golden draenite, 2 primal earth, 2 primal water

Skyfire diamond ingredients for transmute: 3 blood garnets, 3 flame spesserites, 3 azure moonstones, 2 primal fires, 2 primal airs

However, if you intend to buy the ingredients check the prices against the prices of an uncut or cut gem on the ah – the prices of the ingredients are so high at the moment it might be cheaper to buy you uncut or even cut direct from the ah.

Relentless Earthstorm Diamond +12agi & 3% increase to crit damage (requires at least 2 red gems, 2 yellow gems, 2 blue gems) {this is the best hunter meta imo – however the requirements are quite restrictive and may not make it better than the Swift Skyfire Diamond – as the latter gives you the option of stuffing all your sockets regardless of color (except for 2) with Delicate living rubies}

Swift Skyfire Diamond* – 24Ap and increased run spead (by 8%) (requires at least 2 yellow gems and 1 red gem) – second best hunter gem imo

Enigmatic Skyfire Diamond* = 12 critical strike rating and 5% snare and root resist (more of a pvp one but still probably not better than those above) (requires more red than yellow gems)

Swift windfire diamond – 20ap and run speed (by 8%) – slightly lower stats that swift skyfire but here’s the nice part – this one is purchased with Spirit Shards – those green things u pick up in the Auchindon instances and wonder what they are for. 8 spirit shards gets you a meta gem. For the alliance – you buy them from Spirit Sage Zran in Allerian Post (he’s standing outside the broken tower left hehind the inn).

To meet the socket bonus or not?
If you match the correct color gems to the sockets you get a socketed bonus. Sometimes however, it is not worth blindly meeting this, if using a different color gem might be better for you. Tinvuiel is often specced as a survival hunter which is all about agility and goes for delicate living rubies where ever possible.

Wot no epic gems?

You might be wondering why I haven’t mentioned epic gems here.  The reason is, I don’t consider them to be good value for money for most players.  And if you are a player who has both the armor and the money, to make them worthwhile, then you probably don’t need this guide.  Most of the epic gems cost around 500G each compared to around 30-70G for an equivalent blue gem.  But for that, almost 10 fold increase, you only get around +2- +4 to your stats.  If you are socketing these in armor that is not T5 or above, the gems are likely to be worth more than the armor, and it’s possible you may find an upgrade for that armor piece in the near future in any case.  This is not to say that I don’t encourage you to slot and enchant your armor, I do, I just bulk at the price hike on epic gems.  Roll on WOTLK when hopefully prices will fall.

There are a couple of exceptions to the note above – firstly epic gems that drop in heroics.  Anelf my partner’s druid has collected several healer epic gems from heroic Slave Pens :>)  And epic gems that jewelcrafters can craft for themselves only (they are BOP) from rare blue quality gems.  Soupdragon my shaman alt has a couple of these, they tend to be unique equipped, so she can only wear one of each type.  The quest to kill the final boss in normal Magisters Terrace also drops a nice epic gem for hunters – just make sure you slot it into something you are not going to replace in a hurry :>)

Final Note:
Rare (blue) jewelcrafting patterns are hard to come by and prohibitively expensive on the ah. If you do get a good one (especially for hunter gear, because we’re biased right?) you might want to consider offering it to a guild jewelcrafter for a fair price before ahing it. That way you and the other hunters get cheaper gems. However, the jewelcrafter might not be able to offer you the full ah asking price, so don’t feel it is your duty to do this. You need money same as the next player, and it was your lucky day when you got the pattern, so don’t feel bad if you decide to ah it.


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