Tinuviel’s Diary: Our first trip to Zul’Aman

For once everyone turned up on time, Cain behaved himself (our raid leaders 2 year old son), Letin had his Ramen all read to go, and excitement and nerves were high.  I had the walk thru printed out, and off we went.

At first we had a minor hiccup which caused some lol’s – we couldn’t bang the gong to open the door, and Harrison Jone’s got fed up with our efforts and reset himself.  Obviously, 5-6 of us were too puny.  We tried again with the whole party banging away (that sounds so wrong!).  Have you ever seen a resto druid in tree form wacking a gong?  It’s not elegant.  We even tried a badly coordinated effort at, ‘all hit it on 3…’  Finally, Harrison’s ear drums had had enough, he realised we weren’t going to go away, so he let us in.

Now came the pulls as described in the walk through.  The research was worth it, as they were exactly as described.  And it was easy!  Almost too easy.  We were sailing through it, wondering when it was about to go pear shaped….

Penultimate pull before the boss – pear shaped :>(  2 trolls on bear mounts.  The idea is that one tank pulls the first troll to the left side of the platform, the other tank pulls the other to the right side of the platforms.  The group stands in the middle and burns, first one then the other down.  At 30% health the troll and mount split, and the mount usually races for the healers.  It can be cc’d at this point (hunter freeze trap in front of squishy group).  That’s the theory anyway.  Basically, we hit a crunch point, mostly because some of use didn’t quite have the gear to withstand the rigors of learning the encounter.  Obviously, when you are new to a fight things don’t go as smoothly as they otherwise might, as people are figuring out where to stand, what to target, the level of healing needed.  This is when better gear might save your butt.  Our pally tank in particular (who is our lifeline in kara, and without whom our kara runs are so much harder), was going down too quickly, and decided he needed to go away and beef up his defense rating.  Personally, I think he could have coped if we were more practiced at the encounter, and had the timing right.  For now it has at least served the purpose to focus minds back on later Karazhan, which some of the raid were seeing as old hat, but which I for one hadn’t finished with (we haven’t got to the Prince or the dragons yet, due to the limited raid time we have to run).


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