Huntard’s Guide to Instances

The Huntards Guide to Instances :>P

Tongue is firmly in cheek here…

Ensure you have plenty of empty bag spaces for loot before you set off, by reducing the pet food and arrows you bring along with you, other party members will be happy to share.

Ensure your pet is on aggressive; this will increase the damage you do with your pet.

When attacking the same mob as the tank, spam growl with your pet (and Intimidation if you have it), to try to take the aggro off the tank and onto your pet, the tank will thank you for this, as it will reduce the damage the tank takes.

When jumping down or across any areas, don’t worry about your pet, he will find his own way around and will join up with you at the bottom.

When your party is ready to pull, make sure you shoot before your tank does.  This will help ensure the priest stays aggro free if they throw a heal on the tank at the wrong time.

Use tab targeting and spam auto-shot and multi-shot when it is off cooldown.  This will maximise your damage, allowing you to quickly attack any mob in the vicinity.  Tab targeting and pet attack also works well to send your pet in quickly.

If your party is in a tough fight, feign death early and stay feigned for the remainder of the fight.  This will save on armour repair costs and the annoying run back from the graveyard.

  When playing with warlocks, frost trap the mob they have thrown DOTs on, you can then leave the mob in the trap to die. (Warlocks should be told to DOT any mob you are about to trap before it runs into the traps for the same reason.)

Kill any critters you see in the instance, especially if you see one just as people are ready to pull. Critters can be dangerous if annoyed by AOEs and should be eliminated.  Killing critters helps your party, and is in no way distracting to other players.

Roll need on any maces you see, they usually have good stats for hunters.

Roll need on any items with strength and/or spirit on them, these are the best hunter stats.

Heck, roll need on all blue weapons, all weapons are hunter items (except maybe wands, you can let the mages and warlocks have those, they need all the dps help they can get compared to an experienced huntard).

Get yourself a sporebat pet, they are without doubt the best pet, accept no substitutes.

Oh and I more thing…

You regain health and mana faster if you sit down between fights, so type /camp to rest between pulls :>)  (please don’t try this at home unless you are a die-hard huntard)

And before you think, is she talking about me?  I didn’t have anyone I know in mind when I wrote it, it’s just a bit of fun, turning the advice on it’s head.


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