WOTLK Hunter Talents

Generally I’m not the kind of person who likes to wait in a state of unknowing for the big unwrapping.  As a kid, I always searched for, and found, the Christmas presents my mum had hidden around the house long before Christmas.  I’m far too impatient.  So I’ve been pouring over every piece of information I can get on Wrath.  Grrr, if only I could get into that beta lottery.

At first glance, I was most interested in the changes to the survival tree.  Recently I’ve been experimenting with different specs, having been a die-hard BM up into 70.  I’ve tried 0/20/41, 0/21/40, and 0/31/30 builds as well as variations on my good old 41/20/0 build.  No I don’t think you’ll get me trying a 0/41/20 build this side of Wrath, nor probably come the expansion.  Anyway back to Wrath talents, some of the survival tree looks yummy (giving mana, runic power, rage, etc. back to the raid, anybody?)  Being someone who 10-mans with a melee light, caster heavy group, this is much more useful than expose weakness.  However, paired with the awesomely drool inducing changes to pets and the introduction of pet talent trees, You’re probably going to find me sticking to BM for leveling during Wrath.

I’ll be updating this post with some experimental builds.  Be interested on people’s comments.

The first is a heavy BM, focusing on dps.  I was toying with careful aim in MM, or going down to get Clever Traps in Surv.  I am not sure how some of the dps choices I have made in BM weigh up against not taking careful aim?  I’m also likely to feel the need to take Clever traps for raids, as I am known for my trapping skills (when I have these talents).


EDIT:  I wrote this post a little while back now, and boy have there been a lot of changes since.  The changes have been coming so thick and fast they have made my head spin, and I have delayed writing a more detailed post to discuss talents, as it could all change again the minute I post.

I have noticed a lot of hits on this post though, so I will be writing something shortly.  The builds seem to be solidifying a bit more, and people who are better theorycrafters (and I dare say hunters) than me have been crunching the numbers.  I will try and pull my reading together with my beta experience into a summary of where we stand.  So watch this space.

And as the commenter pointed out, my I was a bit dismissive of Marksman, which has received a lot of love.  So I will try and make up for it in the coming post.



4 responses to “WOTLK Hunter Talents

  1. I wonder why you arent interested in MM?

    take a look at this spec


    and before you condem me for barrage and imp. barrage look at the volley changes, no cd, scales with atp, can crit and starts at base 240, mines been critting for 1k on ptr

  2. The changes to talents and skills have been huge. As a BC baby, I grew up as a hunter when BM was king, and MM could not live up to it in terms of sustained DPS in pve or leveling. Most MMs in BC were either heavy PVPers, die-hards, or had not really researched the differences.

    When I wrote this it was a first impression. I have refrained from commenting on the talents again, as they are changing so much in the beta, you hardly get chance to test them out before another patch hits.

    It looks now as if all three builds are viable for raiding and for leveling (MMs can use a tenacity pet to not pull aggro from their pet every other shot).

    It seems though that some of the early theory crafting suggests that MM may still not be able to keep up with the sustained damage of either BM or SV, due to mana efficiency. (e.g. see http://www.qqpewpew.com/2008/09/beta-new-dps-tests-world-first-malygos.html ). But I am still hoping that they will change hunters mana efficiency or tweek aspect of the viper in our favor more.

    MM has definitely received a lot of love, more so than BM, and is now a very interesting spec. So, I am not going to condemn anyone for using it, and have tried it out myself on the beta, although I am thinking about leveling survival or BM still.

  3. I think that u should go BM and level with it in the new patch. I recently got to 80 and thought is was way easier than SV and MM. Marksminship is too stupid to level and SV is to damn hard to level with. So stick with BM i will try to link u a patch so that u can look at my build. Follow it and you will be 80 soon. 🙂

  4. Just completed lvling to 80 on my SV spec. Been an SV raider in BC. The lvling was easy, especially when the patch came out and ES is now such a sweet thing.

    Sure, BM still out DPS me, but not by that much, but keep in mind that I have yet to join any of the WotLK raids, so I might end up lagging further behind, or not 😉