A Hunter’s Guide to Karazhan – Part 1 Attumen to Moroes

My Karazhan posts are rather indepth, if you want the short overview version see here.

Attumen the Huntsman

  • Attumen is located in the stable block, which is through the archway to the left, directly after entering the front door of Kara.
  • To get to Attumen you have to clear the undead trash, consisting of spectral horses and stablehands in groups of 1-5 (most are 2-3 pull groups).
  • This trash is on a 25min timer.  As soon as you attack the first one the timer begins, you must get to and kill Attumento stop the timer.  If you don’t get to and kill Attunmen in 25 mins the trash will respawn and come to his aid, resulting in the group wiping.  The timer means your group needs to be quick, a couple of wipes, or too many rests, brbs, afks, or d’cs will result in you not completing this in the time.
  • Group’s should be careful as the trash has a wide aggro radius and the horses fear.  There is also a patrol.
  • Unless you have an abundance of priests in your group, as a hunter you will be expected to trap and chain trap through this trash (read my post on How I Trap, watch BRKs chain trapping video’s, and practice, practice before you go in.  You will really help your group if you can do this well).
  • For the first couple of pulls, the tank will normally pull them back through into the entrance hallway.  He will then either try and snag the patrol, or the group will move into the back of the stables to the right of the arch way.  
  • As  you work your way down the corridor try trapping by the right-hand wall, I find that works well.  Remember, for this, and the Moroes fight, points in clever traps and 2 pieces of the Beast Lord armor will help enormously, although it is doable without, you just need a bit more thought to your traps cool downs, and to move around a bit more.  Unless you are really over geared (as in T5+) don’t try and melee your mob if he gets lose and your trap is on cool down, unless the alternative is him eating your healer; you will die very quickly, but you are more expendable than the healer.
  • The final two pulls before the boss are a 4 and then a 5 mob pull.  Even if you haven’t been trapping up to now, you will probably be asked to do so here.  Make sure your raid leader has marked all the mobs, and you know which is your’s to trap.  Place your trap away from where the tank will be fighting.  Make sure, once you have your mob trapped, that you are assisting the tank/main assist on the groups dps target, while still watching your trap.  If your trap is one of the first to be killed, and you have a spare trap, place it in front of the squishiest healer, in case something else breaks cc.
  • Congratulations! you have made it to Midnight (Attunmen’s horse) – and hopefully with 9-10mins to spare.  If you only have 3-4mins, you’d better start the fight quickly, you probably won’t have time to finish it, before the trash respawn.
  • For this fight the group needs 2 tanks (we have done it with 1 good and over geared one).  It is possible to solo heal it with a very good over-geared healer (Anelf has done it when the 2nd healer died at the very beginning), but 2 or even 3 healers is better.
  • Tank 1 engages Midnight.  When his has built up some aggro, the dps begin to attack Midnight.  When Midnight is at about 95% health, Attumen will appear.  Tank 2 has to be on his toes to pick Attumen up very quickly, because he will run at the healers and one-shot them.  If you are ready as a hunter, you can also grab Attunmen with a Misdirection onto Tank 2.  (But make sure you have your misdirection set up right, you don’t want to misdirect him onto anyone other than Tank 2.)  Everyone except Tank 2 continues on Midnight.
  • When Midnight is at about 25% health Attumen mounts up.  Everyone should stop firing and the tank who will tank this part of the fight grabs aggro.  If you didn’t misdirect Attunmen to tank 2, you could use your Misdirection now to help the tank establish aggro.  Once the tank has aggro, dps continue to burn him down.  
  • Tip, when mounted, Attumen charges random ranged players.  Everyone should gather close up around Attunmen’s butt, it seems in our experience that this stops the charge.
  • Loot:  Attunmen drops some great hunter loot, including Stalker War Bands, Worgen Claw Necklace, Steelhawk Crossbow, Gloves of Dexterous Manipulation (leather but a good option especially for survival hunters as high on agility), and Schematic: Stabilized Eternium Scope (if you or your raid mate is an engineer).  
  • After finishing off Atumen you may wish to clear the couple of mobs behind Midnight’s stable to get to the quest giver, if people in the group have the quest, and/or visit the armorer.
  • When you are ready, return to the entrance hall and then climb half-way up the stair behind the doorman.  Stop on the stair, while the raid leader marks the wandering elites at the top of the stairs.
  • For the next part, the groups I run with make a series of pulls onto these stairs to clear the route to Moroes’ room.  These pulls will either be single elite mobs or groups of non elites.  There are a couple of groups of elites up there, but your don’t need to pull those and can skirt around them.
  • For the single elites its a normal tank and spank.  Wait for the tank to gain aggro, send in pet and pew pew.
  • For the non-elites its aoe time.  Tank gains aggro (useful if you have a pally or aoe tank here), then everyone lays down their aoe.  Don’t worry if the mages and locks surpass your dps on these groups, you can use your immolation or snake trap and volley or just pick them off one at a time, but they are the kings of aoe.  I don’t usually use my pet on these groups either.  Firstly, they die too quickly, and secondly, becuase of this it is easy to target one of the elites up the stairs on the landing, which could bring a group of elites down on the group’s head and cause a wipe.
  • Moroes room is to the left.  Moroes is on a dias with 4 special dinner guests, he also has banqueting tables full of non elite quests, elite skeletral waiters, and pairs of elite valets.  Our tank normally pulls at least one waiter and the 2 non elite groups from the back table onto the stairs before telling us it is safe to follow him into Moroes’ room.
  • When you go into Moroes’ room, hug the wall to the left.  There is an alchove on the back wall opposite Moroes.  Having already cleared the back table, we assemble there, and then clear the rest of the room before dealing with Moroes.
  • The 2 pairs of valet (?) servants standing by the wall at either side of the room are nasty.  They put a debuff on the tanks, making them drunk and doing lots of extra damage.  Tanks shout out when they get this, and need extra healing.  I try and keep scorpid sting up on these guys to help out, and just burn them down as quick as possible, especially if they make the tanks drunk.
  • OK now for Moroes.  This fight still makes me nervous, lol.
  • Moroes has 4 special guests with him from a possible 6, each with their own abilities:
  1. Millstripe – Shadow Priest – has mana burn and shadow word pain and mind flay
  2. Dreuger – Ret Pally – Hammer of justice (stun) and seal of command
  3. Von’indi – holy priest – heals others, shield, dispel, low health
  4. Berrybuck – holy pally – shield, cleanse, holy light
  5. Daris – Arms warrior – whirlwind, mortal strike
  6. Ferenice – protection warrior – disarm, shield bash, shield wall
  • You will read some post that say you need a priest for this fight – you don’t.  Or that you need 3 healers – you can do it with 2 good ones.  What you do need is good crowd control – that can be provided by priests or hunters chain trapping, and an aoe tank who can pick up 2 or 3 of the adds.
  • Our group usually consists of warrior tank, prot pally tank 2, druid healer, pally healer, mage x 2, warlock, hunter x2, and then either another pally healer, a priest, or another hunter depending on who’s available.  As long as we have 2 forms of cc and the pally tank we do great.  Without our pally tank we struggle, but that’s just us, and I am sure there are ways of doing it without too.
  • I will talk you through with 2 hunters chain trapping Dreuger and Daris (the hardest 2 to trap).  We usually take down the casters first if hunters are trapping, and chain trap the melee mobs.
  • We kill off 3 or 4 of the adds before killing off Moroes.  We used to kill off just 3, I would keep the 4th chained trapped until we had killed Moroes and then we would finish him.  But this meant that my dps was gimped slightly on Moroes (and I am usually top of our damage), plus I died at least once becuase everyone was celebrating and had forgot all about my trapped mob, even though I’m yelling at them, ‘there’s still one left, dang he resisted my trap (or words to that affect), hey stop dancing on Moroes’ corpse and help me out over here, err a rez would be nice! ‘ So now we kill them all before blasting moroes.
  • Depending upon who is on the stage, and where they are positioned, we will either start by trapping on the right, fighting on the left, or visa versa.  Healers and casters will normally stand on the table in the middle.
  • Mobs are marked, everyone has their targets.  As a hunter I am usually asked to trap either Drueger, Daris or Ference. Ference is easiest, Drueger hardest.  Dreuger has a ranged stun, so you have to remember to stand well behind your trap, as he will stun you as he runs towards you.  If he stuns you before you have got your trap down, or stuns you and then resists your trap, your’re in trouble. Daris’ whirlwind can also be tricky, if you have to drop the trap on his head, or he gets loose and gets in with the healers and clothies.  When he whirlwinds he stands still (like Herod) and won’t run towards you until he’s done, no matter how much you shoot at him.  Never had any problems with Ference.
  • For us the main tank will pull moroes, and the pally tank will gain aggro on the 2 guest to be killed off first.  As they make the pull the cc’rs pull their targets into their traps.  Re-lay your trap between you and your trapped mob, if your trap is off cooldown already, then start pew pewing the 1st target as soon as the main assit has aggro.  Remember don’t hit Moroes.
  • If Millstripe is there we kill her first, she has a nasty mana burn, which can suck the healers (or hunters) dry of mana.  We then either kill off Von’indi or Berrybuck (whoever we have) before turning on the traps.
  • Keep an eye on your trap and relay your trap as soon as it is off cooldown.  If you know its safe, you can drop it over the other trap.  Otherwise drop it a little way away and just before or as the other breaks, shoot at your trapped mob to drag him into the next trap.  I have found that chain trapping in this fight, with so much healing flying around, requires me to either drop it on his head or deliberately break my traps and continue to build up aggro on the mob, otherwise he runs for the healers.
  • If you do not have points in Clever Traps (and I suggest you respec to get these just for this fight if you are new to it) and/or 2 pieces of Beast Lord armor, you are going to have to do some serious kiting around the room.  I used to spec survival for this fight.  Now I stay BM, but slap on my 2 pieces of beast lord I carry in my bag, and then kite the mob around the back of the room.  By standing a distance away from the trap and then making a concussed mob run into the next trap, I buy myself some time.
  • For a chain trapping hunter the most important job you have in this fight is your cc.  However this is a dps intensive fight too, so you need to try and maximise your dps on the group’s target too.  Make sure when you are swapping between the two that you have correctly selected the group’s target and are not shooting at an untargeted mob.  Keep your pet on that target at all times.
  • The other major thing to know is Moroes’ garrotte which is a DOT that does massive damage.  Periodically, Moroes vanishes.  When he reappears, he puts this DOT on a random player.  Some players have ways of getting rid of it (usually on a cooldown though).  If you are a dwarf for instance, you can use Stoneform.  Your healers may be able to get rid of it, but they probably need to save their remove for the healers or tanks as it is not something they can cleanse off multiple players.   Hunters can stop themselves getting it in the first place.  A second or two after Moroes vanishes, Feign Death.  Stay Feigned until he reappears.  If you are Feigned when he reappears, he will not put the garotte on you (except he did garotte me once when I was feigned, as he resisted my feign death – but usually this works).  (The only caveat to this is if you are still chain trapping, if the trap needs doing or has broken, it is more important to take care of your cc than worry about the garrotte).  The healers can heal through garrotte, but its intensive to do that.
  • And that’s all there is too it!  It’s tricky to master, and can still go wrong, even for groups that have done it many times.  But it’s usually straight forward for us now.
  • Hunter loot from Moroes…..will add this soon…
  • If you want to see a video of us killing Moroes – here’s the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YH4cjhudX4w  – please excuse the quality (and my lock friend’s crowded screen).  This is an early one for our group (I still have my steelhawk crowsbow).  For this one we have 1 hunter trap and 1 priest shackle.  We kill the pallies 2 adds, then the shackle, then my trap, then moroes.  Notice, I feign death as they attack my trap to lose the aggro I had built up on him, and also each time Moroes disappears.  I think I retrap about 4 times – I’m beastmaster spec with 2 pieces of the best lord armor reducing my trap cool down by 4 specs.

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