Gearing up your hunter (part 4) – rings, necklaces, trinkets

Oops this was supposed to be part 3 – but here it is Part 4 of my gear series covers the bling – rings, necklaces and trinkets.

I have only really included those things that are easily accessily through BOE ah purchases, rep rewards, or quest chains, or bgs.  I have not included random BOP drops from instances, where it is more difficult to farm for a specific item.  Also this is not an exhaustive list, I might have missed some things. 


Pathfinders band – BOE from ah

Truestrike ring – BOE from ah – this one is usually horrendously expensive and nice but not usually worth the price

 Band of Anguish – Shadowmoon Valley quest chain ending with News of Victory

Leafbeard Ring – Bladesedge quest Exocising the Trees

Kaylaan’s Signet – Netherstorm Chain quest ending with Deathblow to the Legion (but the rewards also include a really good pair of hunter gloves)

Lightwarden’s Band  – bought from Aldor quartermaster at revered

Violet signet – Once you have done your kara key chain and run the huntsman once or twice you should hit friendly with the violet eye.  You can get this ring from one of the NPCs standing outside Karazhan at friendly rep, and upgrade it with the NPC every time you go up a rep band.


Shattered Sun Pendant of Might – Purchasable from the shattered sun quatermaster on Quel’Danas at exhalted.  Work hard for this one as soon as you can, its epic, and will be better than anything that drops in Karazhan, especially if you are an aldor.   To get the proc to go off you have to be exhalted with your faction (aldor or scryer), before that it is still a nice kara entry piece.  The aldor proc adds +200 attack power for 10 secs; the scryer proc gives an arcane strike of 333-367 damage.  The proc has a 45sec cooldown and around a 10-20% proc rate.  I have it, and it seems to proc fairly regularly.  On a Dr Boom test this necklace increased my dps (with the procs) compared to the Worgen Claw Necklace, which drops off the 1st boss in Kara, Attumen the Huntsman.

Natasha’s chocker – from Blade’s Edge quest chain ending with The Hound Master

Earthen Mark of Razing – Nagrand Quest chain from Throne of Elements ending with Gurok the Usurper

Necklace of the Deep – crafted by jewelcrafters – put a couple of Delicate Living Rubies in this and you have yourself a very nice neck piece, especially if you wish to boost your agility.

 Veteran’s Pendant of Triumph – PVP reward

Chocker of Blooded Feathers – End of quest chain The Skettis Offensive, although you can get better by this stage quite easily.

Talon Lord Collar – Brother Against Brother (Skettis Halls, Dungeon quest reward)  – I mention this one becuase it has a lot of +hit on it for those of you needing to improve your hit rating.


Terrokar Tablet of Precision – Torrgos!  End of a quest chain in Terrokar Forest/Bone Wastes.  This has loads of +hit so its great if you need to increase your hit rating.  Don’t throw it away when you get it, it might be worth swapping in and out as you change gear later on, if you find yourself down on hit.

Bladesfist breath – pretty good, but you should have had this a long time by now, time to be on the look out for an upgrade, unless you really really need the extra crit (remember agility also gives crit).

Ogre Mauler’s Badge (horde only) – frome Bleeding Hollow Supply crates.  still not the best you can get.  Uniting Charm (alliance version) – ditto.  From Corki’s Gone Missing – Nagrand.

Core of Ar’kelos – end of netherstorm quest chain finishing with quest Ar’kelos the Guardian.

Alchemists Stone (alchemists only)  – recipe available from shat’ar quatermaster at revered.  You can I believe have both an Alchemists stone and an Assassin’s Alchemists Stone, but since one Alchemists stone is consummed in the making of the Assassin’s version, this becomes quite heavy on the mats.  You get the static stats increases of both, but I understand that the 40% increase to the effectiveness of health potions does not stack if you have 2.  If you are working on your rep or this, start building up the mats in your bank, so that you are ready to make it once you have the pattern.  If you are doing all the transmutes yourself, it takes around 5-7days, if I remember right.

Assassin’s Alchemists Stone (alchemists only) – recipe available from shattered sun quatermaster at exhalted.

Badge of Tenacity – AH BOE – overpriced usually – uber feral druid item (extra armor as well as agility), but also good for hunters (as long as you use the proc often), though usually not for the prices charged.

Abacus of the Violent Odds – final boss in Mechanar (12% drop rate) – I know I said I wouldn’t mention random drops, but a lot of hunters do go framing for this and the piece of the beast lord set he drops.

Hourglass of the Unraveller – this is another instance drop you see many hunters sporting.

Figurine of a Felsteel Boar (jewelcrafters only) – want a second pet to confuse your enemies?  And one that gives you extra attack power into the bargain?  Well here it is.

Figurine Shadowsong Panther (jewelcrafters only) – really aimed at rogues and feral druids, but nice for hunters too with all that extra attack power.  I wonder if that increase to stealth affects shadowmeld?

Bloodlust Brooch – 41 Badge’s of Justice (BOJs) – this should be your 1st BOJ purchase.  It’s an excellent hunter trinket and will last you a long time.  It is better value for badges than the cloak/bracers/necklaces you can buy with early badges, as you are more likely to be able to replace the other pieces quicker than you are this trinket.  Get it and use it.

Battlemaster’s Determination – 75 badges of justice – or 30,000 honor points and 30 alterac valley marks of honor.  A pvp orientated piece with pve uses.

Hmm interesting

I was about to put this on the No list – then I thought about it – for Kara it’s really not bad, as everything you are fighting more or less are undead:

Seal of the Dawn – reward from The Active Agent (Scholomance Dungeon quest)

No, you should not still have these equipped going into kara

They were good for their time, but they are passed their use by date.  Compared to the items above, many of which are fairly easily obtainable, there is no excuse for still having:

Devilsaur Eye

Devilsaur Tooth

Essence or Power Infused Mushroom

Royal Seal of Eldre’Thalas

Strength of the High Chief

Make the most of your trinkets and items that proc

A lot of trinkets (and some other items) have an on use effect, that you activate, and which usually has a cooldown, e.g. the Bloodlust Brooch (trinket) gives a static +72ap and then a whopping +278ap for 20sec on use (with a 2 min cooldown).  When I first used trinkets, I didn’t get the most out of these on use effects, as  I always forgot to click on the trinket to make it proc.  Now I use macros that incorporate the use of the trinkets.  There are 2 ways to do this:

a) create a Big Bang macro (or somesuch) that you use every time you want to open up burst dps and take something down quickly.  Add things to it like your trinket use, rapid fire, and bestial wrath.  Pop the macro to add extra dps when you absolutely, positively have to kill something quickly.  E.g.  I use it when the boss is at 20% or in a tight spot in a battleground.  Here is my macro:

#showtooltip rapid fire

/cast rapid fire

/cast Bestial Wrath

/use 13

/use 14

/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()


13 and 14 refer to your 2 trinket slots on your character.  You push the button several times to get everything to go off, else if rapid fire is on cooldown, it will try and cast bestial wrath, etc. 

b) Add the trinket use to a spammed spell/shot, now you will use your trinket every time it is off cooldown.  This method uses the trinket more often (good thing), but gives you less control over when you want to use that extra buff to your damage (bad thing).  E.g. my shammie has a macro that tries to use her trinket, increasing spell damage, every time she casts a lightning bolt.


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