WOTLK – extra stable slots – WOOT!


There are 2 additional slots in the stable.

Integrating hunter / warlock pet management into the new mount and companion UI has certainly come up already. Let’s give the new UI a whirl and see if it works and then we can consider if it makes sense to integrate the stable or anything else into it. ”

Ghostcrawler (a Blue) posted the above statement on the wow forums.

If this goes ahead, this will mean hunters can have 5 (count em, five) permanent pets.  Also the bit about the new UI links it to the new system for carrying around mounts and non-combat pets without taking up bag slots.  It is possible that they may allow hunters to be able to swap pets out in the wilds, out of combat, without having to return to a stablemaster in town.  WOOT and double WOOT!

So, having said all that have to go away and plan my 5 pets…. hmm that condor looks real nice :>)


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