Our second trip to Zul’Aman – one dead bear boss :>)

On our first trip to ZA I had very mixed feelings.  The first few pulls just seemed to be too good to be true.  We raced through them with few problems.  Then we hit a brick wall in terms of the two mounted trolls, the penultimate pull before the bear boss.  We just could not keep our tanks up, while we dispatched both the mounts and their riders.  It was quite an anti-climax to not even be able to get past the trash to the boss himself. 

Well, we went away for a week or two, our GM/raid leader/and excellent pally tank/ all round hero, geared up his defense rating, the rest of us also got a couple of upgrades, and we came back.  BAM! One dead bear boss :>)

We were a bit messy on some of the trash (Anelf our druid healer, might have stronger words than this, since it was his tree that got chewed up every time we let something run a muck).  But we got there.

Took us a couple of goes to learn the fight, but we got him down on the 4th try, with perfect aggro swapping between the 2 tanks (prot pally and warrior), and excellent healing from our three healers (druid and 2 pallies).

It was a very long fight, Neokia, our uber Destruction Lock, found he was very threat limited, with the aggro swapping between the two tanks, meaning that he couldn’t lay down his usual high levels of damage.  It was a great fight for hunters though, very pet friendly, and with our feign death dump we could really lay down the damage.  My only issue was the length of the fight, it was the first time I really struggled with my low mana pool.  I have a couple of pieces of rogue gear (great dps, but no int), and have never really prioritized int.  As such, I have a relatively low mana pool, which I usually manage very well through pots and an alchemists stone trinket (which increases the effectiveness of pots).  However, I had a period in this fight where I was down to auto shot for about 30secs, while I waited for a pot cooldown.  Need to get some more mana me thinks (and remember my weapon oil next time).  Still, I did around 24% of the damage on the boss – so must have been doing something right :>)


Soldiers of Fortune down the bear boss in ZA (Gwind isnt camera shy, unless the bear bosss corpse, which you can hardly make out)

Soldiers of Fortune down the bear boss in ZA (Gwind isn't camera shy, unless the bear boss's corpse, which you can hardly make out)


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  1. This was hard healing after coasting in Kara for the last few months. At our group’s gear level, it just takes one mistake from any healer (or either tank) and the tank is an ex-tank.