Woo Hoo – Beta Key!!!!!!!!

Anelf and I signed up for the Beta.  I am so unlucky when it comes to competitions, drops, rolls of the dice, etc.  But Anelf got the golden ticket from Willy Wonka (or that’s what it felt like).  And being the big sweetie he is, he gave it to me – yay! (unlucky in rolls of the dice, but lucky in love – aww sweet).

As I write, I am downloading the beta on my other machine.  It looks like it is going to take around 16 hours :>(

If you do get an invite make sure it is a valid beta key.  There are lots of scams flying around.  

Our email came from WOWExpansionBeta@Blizzard.com

Subject: Wrath of the Lich King Beta Invitation!

Sent to the email associated with Anelf’s account.

The email gives you a key and sends you to http://beta.worldofwarcraft.com .  You then follow a four step process to setting up your beta account and downloading the beta client.

Note there may be one or two variations on this that are still valid, but check the URL it send to you and make sure it is a valid blizzard one.

Initially, I had a problem, and I was worried that I couldn’t associate the key with my account.  The email did not specify that it had to be associated with Anelf’s main account, just a valid Blizzard account.  However, whenever I tried to put in my username and password I got an invalid login message.  Looking on the official Wrath forums, I found the problem.  If you have changed your password in a couple of weeks, try your older passwords, I found my previous password worked.

So now I sit, watching the MBs trickle down the inter-web.  This is torture for an impatient person like me.  I want a devilsaur now!

There’s some great information about the beta coming out – BRK has some fun videos of the exotic pets – petopia has lots of great pet info too – and Drotara from Less QQ, More PewPew has some excellent posts.  I hope to add to this info, without repeating it.  I will be posting about:

– hunter talents and skills

– pets 

– early zones and quests

– gear and difficulty reset

– professions (maybe)

– achievements 

– colors, design, art work, the world

I’ve also copied Soupdragon my level 70 shaman to the beta servers, and may write about her, and I am sure I will be tempted to start a deathknight at some point.


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  1. Maybe you should let your hubby borrow your MacBook Pro while you’re playing the WOTLK on your Vaio. 🙂