Behind every good hunter is a sturdy tree

Tinuviel has mentioned me a few times in her blog, so I thought I’d pop my head around the door and introduce myself properly. Anelf is a Tree of Life Resto Druid, and can normally be seen in Tin’s Kara and ZA videos standing somewhere at the back – quietly keeping LifeBlooms rolling on the tanks and throwing HoTs around the raid to keep them bubbling over. (Sometimes I even bang my drum when I think they’re too slow killing the boss to drop loot for me).

IRL isn’t much different really. You’ll normally find me sitting in a chair next to Tin, as we quest together through Azeroth. (Its easy to know someone needs healing when they’re sitting 3 feet away shouting at you :-). I also get early warning that someone broke her trap for the same reason. If you’re a resto Druid, you’ll know that [Broken Trap] = [Dead Druid] šŸ˜¦ ).

I’m the person who got Tin addicted to WoW when I bought her a copy for Christmas 2006. I got what I deserved really. For year’s she’d been complaining that I’d keep buying new computer games and get obsessed with them for several weeks until I finished them –Ā locking myself away in the computer room and ignoring her when she tried to communicate with me. (It’s partly her fault – I never tell her what I want for Christmas, so she buys me computer games).

Then came my cunning plan …

I set myself a goal to find a computer game she’d get addicted to. Then she wouldn’t complain that I was ignoring her. My advice to others with this idea is be careful what you wish for.

After my many failures with desktop games I bought her, Tin’s mother introduced her to Runescape. She wasn’t obsessed, but she played it more than any other game I’d seen her with. (Most of the games I bought herĀ never evenĀ made it out of the cellophane).Ā So I bought a copy of WoW to see if she’d take the bait. Almost two years later, and I’m still not sure if this was one of the best or worst gifts I’ve ever bought: I’ve had to buy my own WoW account so I can talk to her when she’s playing; I’ve had to buy us both TBC upgrades; and I’ve had to buy us both new laptops so we can appreciate the Outlands graphics. And my boss thinks its highly amusing that I play the same game as his two teenage sons.

So be I’ll beĀ visiting hereĀ occasionally with a few observations on being married to (and raiding with) a Hunter.

[BTW I wasn’t always a resto Druid. I specced Balance through to lvl 70. But everyone wanted me to heal anyway, so I gave in to the inevitable.]


2 responses to “Behind every good hunter is a sturdy tree

  1. Mike/Watchuraggro

    Hey I just fund this blog and I love it, I just want to share that I did the same thing with my wife, she was complaining about me spending so much time in wow so I show it to her and we lvl together (she is a mage and i lvl a rogue) she join my guild and was a shock to others guild husbands that they did the same and put my wife to talk to his wifes and now we have so far 5 wifes playing with us…. the only thing is that now we hear couples fights on vent or guild chat! šŸ˜›

  2. šŸ™‚

    Yeah – its bad news for me if I let Tin’s pet die šŸ˜›