From Fishing to Cartography: Tim Howgego

One of the new categories of Achievement in Wrath of the Lich King is that of World Explorer.  Within this category you gain points for exploring every area of each zone; completing each zone in each region (e.g. Eastern Kingdoms); and finally completing the exploration of each region, to achieve a world explorer achievement and possibly title.  Being an explorer-type, I’ve been happily filling in the parts of my map I haven’t yet visited with Tinuviel and my up-and-coming Feral Druid Bluebear, who is rapidly becoming 2nd in command of my alts.  If you use the Cartographer addon you can shade the unexplored area in an obviously colored fog, so that it is clear what you have and haven’t explored. 

I recently stumbled across this wonderful map of the World of Warcraft communities on the ‘inter’web’.  I’d like to think that one of those little dashes in the bottom left-hand corner of the blog-o-sphere is this very blog.  You can read more about the map by following this link to the designers site.

WOW Online Communities map by Tim Howgego

WOW Online Communities map by Tim Howgego

How much of this map is fog?  How much have you visited?  I’ve visited virtually all of the big sites mentioned, from the old North to Elitist Jerks in the South.  I’m a regular reader of many of the sites, including those Topic Arcepelagos.  I listen to WOW radio in the west, and use tools like WOWjutsu in the centre, and while I appreciate the appeal of the trading card game and art work, have never really gotten into it – I do love some of the Machinima though.  However, there are some parts of this map I will never explore; they will stay in perpetual fog.  You will never find me buying gold, no matter how tempting and shiny it looks.  Those gold farmers are sitting next to organized crime and pirates for a reason – much of the gold you buy is stolen from other players.  Viruses attacking WOW and hacked accounts are such big business, because people want your gold to sell to other players who will buy your stolen property on gold selling sites.  Just say no!

So after ramblings about maps, you are still wondering why this article is called from fishing to cartography, right?  Well, go check out the map designer, Tim Howgego’s site  (same link as above).  I was interested to discover he was the guy behind one of my favorite wow sites, El’s Extreme Anglin’.  I laughed when I first came across this site – a site devoted only to fishing in WOW.  But then why not? This site is mostly just about hunters.  And it’s such an excellent site too.  I love fishing in wow, actually.  It’s strange, since a lot of people see it as one of the most boring aspects of the game.  I think its the chance of fishing up treasure that keeps me coming back, I just can’t pass that floating wreckage by.

And talking of fishing, we got an honorable mention and a link with El’s Anglin’ on WOW insider, when they used one of the pictures from the travel article of this blog in the Around Azeroth column :>)  I actually sent a picture of the rhino pet in, but they felt people were being ‘spoiled’ by hunter pet piccies (can there ever be enough hunter pet piccies, lol?)


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