Northrend armor looks cool – clowns need not apply

Everyone complained about the garish colors and mismatched styles of Burning Crusade quest rewards and common drops.  Amaethon (Anelf’s warlock) in particular, looked like a Pantomime Dame for most of his travels through Outland.  Blizzard have listened.  I haven’t seen any lime green or cerise yet, and the armor I have picked up look cool.

Here are some screenshots of Tinuviel wearing early quest reward pieces from the Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra.

Northrend armor - front

Northrend armor - front


Northrend armor - rear

Northrend armor - rear


Coldstrike Longbow

Coldstrike Longbow

I will be writing a couple of pieces comparing the stats of this armor against Outland pieces, so that you can get a feel for the gear reset.  The first one should be coming tomorrow, and will cover ranged weapons.  However, for now I’ll give you the summary stats for the armor Tinn is wearing in the pictures.

This is a mix of her old and new armor.  She is wearing Northrend neck, shoulder, back, chest, gloves, belt, legs, boots, 1 ring, ranged weapon, and ammo.  She also has on an old helmet (Stalker’s Helmet of Second Site), and five easy to obtain purple’s – Stalker’s Warbands, Merciless Galadiator’s Decapitator 2h axe, 1 ring (Garona’s Band from the Curator), Bloodlust brooch, and an Assassin’s Alchemist Stone.  This gives the following stats unbuffed, with no aspect:

Northrend armor mix

1,281 attack power

521-659 damage 

298 dps

77 hit

17.28% crit

303 agility (+144)

4,725 armor

7,471 HP

5,879 mana

Recount damage on level 71 quest mobs shows dps of around 540 for Tinn and her pet (a lvl 71 bird of prey).

The suggested kara min spec our guild works to is:

Kara suggested Min spec (unbuffed)

1,500 attack power

+75 hit

18% crit

7,500 HP

6,000 mana

This means that this (mostly) Northrend armor set, close to what one would expect from a new level 70 entering kara for the first time.  The AP is a little low, however the armor does also have some haste rating on it ( about 60 haste), which may help to make up for that a little.

For comparison, Tinuviel’s usual armor (unbuffed) gives the following stats:

Tinuviel’s T4/T5 armor (mostly merciless gladiator and kara gear)

1755 attack power

621-756 damage

351.8 dps

105 hit (have a trinket that increases this by 35 but decreases AP)

25.11% crit

595 agility  (+436)

5,964 armor

9,642 HP

5,894 mana (I know it’s low – I’m a bit of a rogue)

I’ve be trying out the early quests in the Northrend gear instead of my T4/5 gear.  They are still pretty easy, and I haven’t had any problems (except 5 mins ago when a paladin rode through a cave I was in, pulling every mob after him.  He promptly got killed, and left a trillion angry dwarves looking for fresh blood… they found mine  Why is it always pallys who seem to do this to you, lol? At least he was nice enough to rezz me.)


One response to “Northrend armor looks cool – clowns need not apply

  1. These pictures are gorgeous, thanks so much for posting 🙂

    My hunter is 68 at the moment, so she’ll most likely be wearing this kit come WotLK. Is there any chance you could take a close-up of that armor? I know I’m a little too interested in what it looks like 😉