Soldiers of Fortune kill The Prince

I know this is old-hat for many raiders, but we were excited to get our first and long overdue kill of the Prince, in Karazhan tonight.

As a family guild with a casual raiding contingent, Soldiers of Fortune run Kara most weeks, but rarely have the time or 3 healers to attempt The Prince (the final boss in kara, unless Nightbane the dragon argues).  In fact, we have only tried The Prince once before, and then with only 2 healers and very bad luck with the elementals.  This time he was easy peasy.


Kara Prince Kill

Kara Prince Kill

The group:  Keeferblah (main tank); Entrigan (offtank); healers – Anelf, Edmed, Letin; DPS – Neokia, Carys, Cholong, Kzin, and me.

Next week its back to Zul’Aman’s early bosses, and looking forward to the time when we have enough adequately geared 70s on at the same time to tackle 25-man content.

I will be updating my kara guides for hunters in the near future with each of the boss fights and some of the trash pulls.


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