WOTLK Hunter early quest rewards – part 1

WOTLK Hunter level 70 quest rewards – how do they measure up?  PART 1:  Ranged weapons

The following tables show the stats for ranged weapon quest rewards that are available from the beginning quests in Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra and stats for some well known items from Burning Crusade, so that you can compare the level comparison.

WOTLK Ranged Weapons from early quest rewards


Northrend early ranged weapon rewards

Northrend early ranged weapon rewards

*Horde friends please excuse my only adding alliance quest names in here; there wasn’t room for both.  It seems the same items, with the same names, are given as rewards for horde and alliance quests, but the quests themselves have different names.  However if you look up the items on wowhead your should be able to find the horde quest names easily.

Burning Crusade Well Known Level 70 Weapons

Well known Burning Crusade Ranged Weapons

Well known Burning Crusade Ranged Weapons


With the exception of the blue quality Fury of the Raging Dragon, available from a level 72 group quest (min level 69), and the engineer made Mark “S” Boomstick (which doesn’t have a level requirement…yet), all the ranged weapons from the early quests have a dps of 76.5-76.6.    Their buffs make some more suitable as tanking weapons (e.g. Amphibious Speargun) and others more suitable for hunters (e.g. Coldstrike Longbow).  

The table shows where you can pick them up; but more importantly the second part of the table shows how they compare to Burning Crusade Weapons.  Basically, if you are a new 70, or a character that doesn’t raid/do heroics or PvP, the best weapons you are like to have are an engineer made gun (Ornate Khorium Rifle or Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer), Valonos’ Longbow, or the Truestrike Crossbow from the Shattered Sun Offensive rep rewards.  If this is you, you will be able to upgrade your ranged weapon from the early WOTLK quests.

If you raid, and at least have the crossbow off the huntsman or the rifle off the Big Bad Wolf in Karazhan, you are not going to be throwing away your epic for an early Northrend green.  Similarly, if you PVP and have the Merciless bow, or have collected enough badges for the chicken-on-a-stick (sorry, I mean Crossbow of Relentless Strikes) these weapons are going to be with you through early Northrend.  

Raiders with early raiding weapons may want to look at the Fury of the Raging Dragon gun.  It has a DPS of 83.3 and very nice stats for a hunter.  It’s a slow weapon at 3.1, however, and while the changes to auto shot may make this a bit less important than previously for shot rotations, the timing of weapons is still going to matter.  I need to go read up on the theory-crafting myself to see which will now be the best speeds and shot rotations.  I will try to update you with a summary of anything useful I find in future.

Blizzard have moved away from the huge gear reset people saw with the start of Burning Crusade, where hard won Molten Core and other pieces were thrown out for early quest greens.  The word on Beta chat is that T4/5 gear will last till around level 75.  This seems to tally with the ammo for sale.  I use Mysterious Shells, which require revered reputation with the Violet Eye.  These have the same DPS as vendor bullets available from level 75.

As I said in my previous post, Blizzard has also listened to peoples complains about the garish colors and mismatched gear available through Outland.  The Northrend gear looks great, and is toned in subtle steely grays, blacks, and dark browns and reds.  I’ve not seen any bright pink or lime green yet.  Amaethon, Anelf’s warlock alt, won’t recognize himself when he gets to Northrend.


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  1. Nice post. Thanks for consolidating all the data in once place. I thought I was going to have to spend ages tracking it all down.

  2. I found this very useful. Thanks to this post, I hunted down and completed the quest string to obtain the Fury of the Raging Dragon.