Installing Addons 101

Please read this before downloading any addons.

Addons are small extra programs that add additional functionality to WOW.  There are hundreds of them out there doing everything from adding better maps, threat meters, and quest advice, to silly stuff like recording how many rats you have killed.

Most addons are legal, and Blizzard allows the development of addons for its game.  The developers often takes the functionality from addons and builds it into future expansions.  However, some addons are illegal and against the Terms of Service you agree to, and their use could result in you getting banned.  These include Glider and similar programs, which allow botting.  Botting is when your character is able to act as a robot and do things independently from you pressing a key or mouse to direct each of its actions, a bot can fight, run around, or do something while you are afk making a drink – this is not allowed.

Below is a simple how to install an addon.  Addons are generally safe, as long as you are careful and have a bit of an understanding of what you are doing.  But like anything you download from the internet, there is a small risk you could download a virus, trojan, or other malicious software program while attempting to download an addon.  If you follow the advise here, you minimize this risk:

1. Ensure you have good up-to-date virus checking software and that you scan regularly.

2. Only ever download an addon from a reputable site: the big three are –

3. If you are unsure, stick to popular addons, which have a lot of downloads, and addons that have been updated recently.

4. Be very careful if what you are downloading is a .exe file (best not to). 


Installing an addon (from Curse Gaming)

There are a couple of ways to do this, and the other sites have similar methods.  This is one way.


1. Find the addon you want to install and click Download Now

2. Select Manually Install from the download options

3. Depending on your computer settings, this should download a winzip file onto your computer desktop

4. Move the winzip file into C: > Program Files > World of Warcraft > Interface >Addons folder

5. Right click on the file, and select Extract to Here from the list of options, this should extract one of more folders for your addon into the Addons folder (you can now delete the winzip)

6. Log on to WOW, on the character screen, click the addons button (bottom left) check your new folders appear in the list, and that the load out-of-date addons button (top right) is clicked if required. Your addon should now work when you enter the game.


Don’t forget that addons need updating regularly, and that new patches may cause problems with your addons.

You can use curses client, and other programs to download addons less manually, and update them more easily.  If you are comfortable with this fine, however, I stick with the method above for downloading and updating all my addons,  I like to be in control and oversee the process.


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