Useful Addons for Hunters and Others

EDIT:  I turned off all my addons with patch 3.0.2 and am slowly reintroducing them and testing out some new ones.  I will be updating this post shortly with links to patch 3.0.2 addons, and some new recommendations.  In the meantime, if the link below doesn’t work check out curses list of 3.0.2 compatible addons here.

You can play WOW without any addons.  However, addons can enhance your game play a lot.  If you raid at level 70, your raid members are probably going to require you to have at least a threat meter like Omen, plus most raids now use something like Group Calendar to schedule their raid times.  In our guild these are the only two addons we strongly encourage people to have, and only for those people wishing to come to Karazhan with us.

I use quite a lot of addons.  All can be obtained from the four addon sites listed on the side toolbar of this blog, mostly from ace.  

Some of the addons I use change the look and feel of my User Interface (UI), others add additional functionality and information.  

At the moment I have the following addons.  I have starred the ones I wouldn’t be without – and double starred the ones I really really wouldn’t be without, if forced to only pick a few.  My list looks long, well I guess it is, but many of them are the mini-plug ins for Fubar.

EDIT:  I will be updating this after patch 3.0 – but for now here is a link to WOWinterface’s list of WOTLK compatible addons


1.  General

Altoholic – shows each of your alts, the items they have in their bags and bank, the skills they know, etc.

AutoProfitx – alternative to Fubar-GarbageFu – automatically sells your garbage to a vendors (more simply than garbage fu), but doesn’t have the option to drop the least expensive item, when you bags are full and you are out in the field.

**Cartographer – excellent improved maps – showing the portions of the map you have yet to explore as well as the explored sections.

CoconutsI used to do this with a macro, recently I have been trying this addon instead – it puts all your mounts on to one button, selecting a flying mount in an area you can use it or the fastest land mount if not.  If you have several similar type mounts, it will select a different one randomly each time.

*EquipCompare – great little addon that shows the item you have clicked on or moused over, compared to the stats for the comparable item you have equipped.  WOW has now included some of this functionality, but I still use EquipCompare as it does it automatically.

*Fubar_DurabilityFu – tells you the percentage durability of your armor, and automatically repairs your armor when you visit an armor repairer.

*Fubar_GarbageFu – excellent addon which automatically sells all your greys to a vendor, and which allows you to drop the lowest prices item in your bags when they get full.

Fubar_InnboundFu – a little reminder of where your hearthstone is bound to.

*Fubar_ItemBonusesFu – shows a summary of the stats across your items.  Better than the info on your character screen.  This was the main reason I switched to Fubar from Titan Panel, as I used to use something similar for Titan Panel, that stopped being updated.  I now think Fubar is much better.

Fubar – KillMeterFu – tells you how many mobs you have killed, exp gained per session, and number of kills needed to next level.

*Fubar – LocationFu Tells you where you are, with coords – and suggestions zones, dungeons which are appropriate for your level.

*Fubar – MoneyFu – tells you how much money you have, and how much money you have across all of your alts, as well as how much each alt has.

Fubar_PerformanceFu – gives you info about your lag and framerate.  

Fubar_PetInfoFu – gives info about your current pet, his skills, what he eats, etc.

Fubar_TopScoreFu – records your top scores for each of your skills

Inflighttells you the estimated time to destination while on a gryphon taxi.  What would make it really great would be to link it to some WOW machinima and show you an inflight movie as you flight, lol.  (You also need to install Inflight-load available on the same link.)

*Lightheaded – excellent quest addon – which puts quests tips and coordinates in from wowhead.  Used with cartographer waypoints, you can click on the coords and you get an arrow showing the direction of your quest item, and an x marking the spot on your mini map.  I am feeling pretty lost without cartographer and this in the Beta.

*Quartz improved casting bar – get it, you’ll be glad you did.

*RatingsBuster – another one of my favorites.  Use with EquipCompare.  Shows the stats for the item you are wearing, compare to the stats for the item you are thinking of buying from the ah, spending those BOJs or DKP points on, or asking to need on.  Allows you to customise it and choose which stats you want it to display depending on your spec.  Big Red Kitty loves this one.

TinyStats – does what it says on the can – adds some tiny stats (latency/framerate etc.) underneath the minimap.


2.  Raid

Bigwigs – shows information for boss encounters in raids – e.g. in the moroes fight in kara it warns you when Moroes is about to vanish and tells you who has garotte.

Littlewigs – same as bigwigs only for 5man heroics.

Fubar-CharmsFu – adds the raid target icons to fubar.  If you are raid leader or assist, or group leader, you select your target, then click on the charm on fubar to mark the target.

Fubar – LoottypeFu shows whether the loot is on group, free for all or master, etc.

*GroupCalendar this allows a guild to plan events/raids, and for individuals to sign up for those events.  Blizzard will be including this functionality in the expansion.

*******Omen – never leave home without it!  Threat meter.  If you have only one addon get this.

**Recount – excellent damage meter.  Lots of different stats and underlying information.  Mage, “Stoopid hunter, can’t trap, wiped the raid,”  hunter, posts recount cc breaker info to raid showing ‘confused’ mage broke freeze trap on Lord Ference with Fireball.

*Talented – great addon!  I love the person who wrote this one.  It lets you set up and save talent builds.  Then you can go respec and apply those talent build with a click of a button.  Hey presto!  No more costly respecs, because your cat walked over the keyboard as you were respeccing.  Also, as you are leveling, it asks you to confirm before it accepts each new talent, so again a lot less room for error.  You can even import/export talents to wowhead and other talent calculators.  Superb!  I really hope the developers keep up the good work for Wrath.


3.  Hunter

**CooldownTimers2  – shows the cooldowns for various skills, including your pets skills, you talented skills like bestial wrath, your trinkets and your traps.  I installed this initially for trapping – it shows when you can lay your next freeze trap; I use it in conjunction with  KHunter Timers and together they are extremely useful.  However, its also useful for aggro management with your pet, as you can see when he has just growled, or when he has missed a growl, and for knowing when your big damage is off cooldown in a boss fight.

**KHunter Timers – Tells you how long an untrigger trap will remain on the ground before it disappears.


4.  Tradeskill

*Ackis Recipe List – this great addon lists all the recipes for your trade skills you don’t have, and tells you where you can get them.  It puts a scan button on the top right hand corner of your trade skill window, click the button and you get a list of your missing recipes.  Excellent for the completist.

*Auctioneer Complete – (I think it was called complete anyway) – an almost must have for anyone using the auction house a lot to buy and sell.  Makes it much easier to post auctions and spot deals.  I probably don’t get the full use out of all its bells and whistles, but it’s still worth it’s weight in gold.  

Cartographer – herbalism addition to cartographer remembering where you have picked herbs and showing the nodes on your minimap.

Craftlist2 – allows other people (or you) to whisper you on any of your alts and see whether you (or any of your alts) can make a particular crafting recipe.  For instance, if I am on Tinuviel and someone want to know if Soupdragon my jewelcrafter can cut delicate living rubies they or I can whisper Tinuviel with /t Tinuviel !craft living ruby – this will pull up all the crafting recipes my alts can do with living rubies as a return whisper.


5.  UI

Align – toggles a grid on and off, allowing you to line up action bars and other aspects of your UI when setting up your UI and addons.

**Bartender 3 – allows you to replace the standard action bars with others, to set the number displayed, their size, number of buttons, and position on the screen.

*Clearfonts2 – allows you to change the ingame fonts.  Some of my addons, especially one of the cooldown ones have horrible italic fonts otherwise.

Fubar – adds 1-2 bars at the top and/or bottom of your screen to which you can attach numerous mini-addons.


 6.  PVP

Fubar_HonorFu – shows how much BG/arena honor and tokens you have, how many you have won/lost, and gives a calendar for the up and coming BG honor weekends.

Fubar_battlegroundFu – does something similar – I think I am using HonorFu instead at the mo.


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