Brewfest killing frenzy

If you’re an avid blog reader (which I assume you are if you’re reading this 🙂 ), you’ll already know that its Brewfest time again. The arrival of a Brewfest boss (Coren Direbrew) seemed to take most members of our guild by surprise, but now they know about it (courtesy of our Tinuviel/Anelf/Entrigan/Carys/Neokia expeditionary force), every 65+ in the guild is lining up to kill him. (Poor guy – there’s a constant stream of level 70s running into BRD to kill him – you can’t stop on the chains for fear of being pushed into the lava pit by the crowd behind you 🙂 ).

Why is Coren so popular (or should I say unpopular, since we all like to kill him so much)?

Unlike Ahune (the Midsummer Fire Festival boss), he’s really easy to kill. And he drops trinkets that are equivalent to the 41xBadge of Justice trinkets – most of which are must-haves for new level 70s trying to purple-up (and which generally last a loooong time before they are replaced). Killing Direbrew is a daily quest, so your group can slaughter him five times a day – much quicker than running Heroic Slave Pens 14 times to get the BoJ trinkets. (Oh yes – and if you already have the equivalent BoJ trinket, you can equip this one as well. They have independent cooldowns).

I can only think that this is another Blizzard trick to quickly gear people up ready for WOTLK. Coren Direbrew is a trinket pinata. (I’m not complaining – suddenly all our guild’s budding raiders have easy gear upgrades).

As well as the trinkets, he also drops the brewfest Kodo and Ram mounts. This is a big disappointment to a lot of people. Last year, the Horde got to win a Ram for completing the simple Brewfest quests. Many were hoping a Kodo would be available to the Alliance through the same mechanism.

Anyway, here’s what you need to do to prepare for killing him. (This is for Alliance – I killed my last Horde alt a couple of weeks ago) …

That’s it for the pre-quests. Now make your way into BRD. As you enter the instance, there are 3 mobs to your right. Kill them and activate the mole machine console they were standing by to port yourself to the inn/bar. Talk to the spy there, and you can now come back every day to grab the Insult Coren Direbrew daily from him. Wowwiki describes the fight nicely (see that last link), so I won’t repeat it here. The good news is that it is embarrassingly easy for a group of level 70s. I was really worried when a level 66 in our guild asked to come along – but it was still a cakewalk. (I’d guess you could do it with two lower level group members at a pinch, as long as the three 70s were of reasonable Kara gear/skill standard). Just keep the spawns off your resto Druid (that’s me 🙂 ), and you’ll be fine.

Finally, since this is a hunter blog, here’s a link to the Brewfest Hunter trinket – Empty Mug of Direbrew (which is the same as the 41x BoJ Bloodlust Brooch.

And because Hunters are special, he also drops DireBrew’s Shanker (which has the same stats as the Emerald Ripper which drops from Moroes, except it has a slightly slower speed). [Yes – I know that’s not a perfect Hunter weapon, but its pretty damn good 🙂 ].


Addendum (9/24/08):

I have to take back what I said about this being a really easy fight. I’ve since tried this again with other groups and had a much harder time of it. I conclude that the thing that made it easy for us in my main group was our Pally tank (well – that and most of the group being in ZA-ready gear). He just mops up the adds, which tend to start running at the healer with a Warrior (non-AoE) tank. Having an AoE tank allowed all the DPSers to put most of their damage onto Direbrew.

The strategy we developed for a Warrior tank is to put a Hunter on add control duty (i.e. killing stuff that tries to hit me). Then the two other DPSers burn down Direbrew until the elite wenches spawn, when one of the DPSers switches to elite killing (with some help from the Hunter). The Warrior also spent a little time targeting some of the non-elite adds to keep a few of them interested in him. This was a little more hectic than with the Pally tanking, but still pretty straightforward.


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