My own private bank

Tinuviel isn’t very well at the moment, so I’m filling in with another post while she sits next to me coughing.

With the expansion fast approaching, a lot of people are starting to stockpile the mats they think they’ll need in Northrend. (Tin has a whole banker alt dedicated to storing weeds). This got me to wondering what was the most efficient way to run a bank. The options are:

  1. Roll a banker alt, give her a load of bags, and use her bank to store stuff.
  2. Same as above, but start a guild with her as a guildmaster and open a Guild Bank.

My question – which option is cheaper in terms of gold per bank slot?

So lets look at some numbers …

Rolling a banker alt is free, and you get 28 bank slots in her personal bank. We’ll ignore those 28 slots, because you get them whether you use a private bank or a guild bank. (We’ll also ignore the bag slots she carries around with her). But to extend your banker’s bank, you need to buy bag spaces and buy bags to put in them. Extra bag slots in your bank cost 10s, 1g, 10g, and 4x25g – a total of 7 bag slots in your personal bank, at a total cost of 111g10s.

The cost of bags depends on the size. Wowhead currently lists these mean prices for the most common bags (that’s a mean across servers, so your server average price could be a bit different):

  • Runecloth Bag (14-slot) = 4g40s (30g80s for 7)
  • Netherweave Bag (16-slot)  = 6g50s (45g5 for 7)
  • Imbued Netherweave Bag (18-slot) = 45g (315g for 7)

These give you 98, 112, and 126 extra bank slots respectively. You can see straight away that 16-slot is the sweet spot for bag size. Anything higher than this is a massive jump in cost.

Dividing [the cost of the bags and the bag spaces] by [the number of extra slots the bags provide]  gives you your mean price per additional bank slot. This is:

  • 14-slot = 1g45 per slot
  • 16-slot = 1g40 per slot
  • 18-slot = 3g38 per slot

Now lets look at the Guild Bank option. You can only do this if you’re happy for your banker to not be in the same guild as your main, because they have to create their own guild.

First you need to buy your guild charter. This costs 10s. Then you have to find 9 other people to sign it. You can get this for free if you have friends willing to help. Otherwise, the going rate to bribe someone to sign your charter is about 1g each (so let’s say the guild startup cost is 10g).

Guild bank tabs each have 98 slots, and cost:

  • 1st tab = 100g
  • 2nd tab = 250g
  • 3rd tab = 500g

This gives you a mean cost per bank slot of:

  • 1g12s if you buy one slot
  • 1g83s if you buy two slots
  • 2g92s if you buy three slots

So there you have it. Even if you just want 98 bank slots, rolling a guild for your banker is the cheapest way to do it. And buying more bank tabs is also significantly cheaper than buying bags bigger than 16-slotters. (Of course, you can just roll multiple bankers if you don’t suffer from altitis. That’s not an option for me, because I have too many alts already:-) ).

And – if you have your banker alt outside a guild – having a banking guild is a great way to avoid people waving guild charters in your face whenever you log in :-).


6 responses to “My own private bank

  1. I myself have my alt with his own guild t bank tabs about to get my third tab. Right now it stocked to the brim full of goodies as well my alt has all 14 a lot bags. Now what I need to have I have no clue yet haven’t looked into that yet maybe seek some guidense on some of the choice sites out there. 8) Abruzzi out!

  2. One thing you overlook here is that a non-guild bank alt is extremely limited in terms of maximum number of slots. As you point out, 126 (using 18-slot bags) is already expensive, and good luck with 20-slot bags. On the other hand, a 2-tab guild bank is (I think) 196 slots. Wheee.

    (Confession: I currently have 2 guild bank alts plus my real guild bank with a total of 10 tabs on my main server. Yes, I’m a sad, pathetic little man.)

  3. Here is an interesting site I came across for some of the mats you will need to get Inscription to 350. Site states you will need over 1,000 herbs

  4. Bob: I have to ask – what do you store in your 980 bank slots? (You’ve got more tabs than most guilds :-D)

    Abruzz: Thanks for the link. I wonder how much those herbs will be selling for on the AH come the expansion :-). (I can’t think many people will want to take time out of levelling their lvl70 to pick herbs in the starting areas).

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