Grats to Eyecandy on his druid epic flight form

Our guildmate, friend, and super healer, Pauladin, has a new feral druid alt, Eyecandy.  He beat Bluebear, my alt, to 70 (grrr, I mean, grats), and today we went with him to heroic Sethekk Halls to complete his druid epic flight form quest.  

Thanks to everyone who took part:  Edaddy (main tank), Eyecandy (off-tank, and kitty dps), Sharde (mage dps), Anelf (tree dance), me and Gwind.

Sharde had to run, but above a piccie of the rest of us with the newly epic Eyecandy.


It’s worth going along with a druid to heroic Sethekk Halls.   Only a druid who has the epic flight form quest, or has already completed it can summon Anzu.  Making him one of the rarer boss encounters in the normal game.  And why would you be so keen to summon Anzu?  Well he has a slight chance (around 0.9%) to drop one of the rarest ground mounts in the game – Reins of the Raven Lord.  Though he looks like a big blue bird, this raven can’t fly, but certainly looks the part.  He hasn’t dropped for us, but you do see him around town sometimes.


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