Karazhan – SOF finally get around to visiting Illhoof


Soldiers of Fortune is a causal family guild, with a weekend raiding component.  We often raid Friday and Saturday nights, but due to work, east and west coast time zones, and toddler bedtimes, we usually only get in a few hours a night.  We are also not always the speediest outfit in town.  We like to brew our tea, and eat our ramen, and do whatever it is we do, that requires a few brbs along the way.  So while our top raiders are now very over geared for Kara, and have killed everything but the 2 dragons (who we haven’t attempted yet due to time commitments), we have never visited Illhoof, until now.  We usually to run right past his mysterious library door on our way to the Shade and the Prince.  But last night, with less ramen breaks, we decided to pay him a call.

Illhoof is a satyr, he has a main imp minion, Kil’rek, and summons legions of other imps from portals to aid him.  His main trick is to sacrifice a random character – summoning them to an altar in the center of the room, where they are chained in ‘demon chains’.   They suffer 1,500 shadow damage per second until the chains are destroyed, while Illhoof is healed for 3,000 health per second.

Wowwiki has a good write up on the fight here.  It is useful to have at least one warlock for seed of corruption on the hordes of imps and an aoe tank to keep the imps off the warlock.

Our group make up was as follows:

Keeferblah (warrior, main tank), Entrigan (paladin, aoe off tank), Neokia (warlock), Anelf (druid healer), Edmed (priest healer), Tinuviel (hunter dps), Cholong (hunter dps), Carys, (mage dps), Kzin (mage dps), Sharde (mage dps).

We killed Illhoof first time, but the fight was pretty hectic, and we lost 3 people, including both our healers to the sacrifice (luckily Anelf has a soulstone, and was able to solo heal  over half the fight – kudos super-tree!).

Keeferblah tanked illhoof, Entrigan tanked Kil’rek and the imps.  Neokia laid seed of corruption on illhoof, killing off the imps and doing massive amounts of dps.  The rest of us switched between the demon chains, Kil’rek and Illhoof, in that order.  Wowiki suggests a targetting macro, which I highly recommend:



/target Demon Chains

/stopmacro [nodead, harm]

/target Kil’rek

/stopmacro [nodead, harm]

/target Terestian Illhoof


During the fight I mostly spammed my 3:2 macro and this macro.  I kept pressing it regularly, and more when I saw big wigs telling me someone was about to be sacrificed.    If I was targeting Illhoof and the demon chains were up, it switched me to targetting the chains.  Some of our dps seemed very slow at targeting the chains, although we encouraged the use of this macro, and the healing one (to heal the person in chains), I am not sure they were doing it, and hence the deaths.  Also, I was constantly pulling Kil’rek off our aoe tank, so I think perhaps he wasn’t switching to him as quickly as I was with my macro either.

I will post the WWS stats here as soon as I get the link from Neokia, just to show the massive amount of DPS a warlock can lay down with seed of corruption in this fight, but it was over 3,000!

Illhoof is worth killing, he doesn’t have any extra trash, is on the way to the shade and drops some nice loot.  Our main tank got a great cloak out of the encounter, so grats to Keefer :>)

Unfortunately, in the all excitement, we forgot to take a screenshot or video.


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