Crossbow of Relentless Strikes

Finally!  It seems like it has taken me longer than any other hunter in history to save up 150 Badges of Justice, but just in time for the expansion, here it is my very own garish peacock on a stick.  Was the time taken to save up, and my reluctance to go on heroic runs, in any part due to my love of the look and name of my wolf sniper rifle, and hatred of the look of the peacock on a stick?

No matter, it may be ugly, but it sure packs a punch.  And without a huge gear reset in the expansion this should last till around level 77 and the good old Nessingway quest, unless I get something uber via WOTLK dungeons in the mean time.  For those of you wondering whether the Badge gear is still worth getting – my experience, and other people’s views, from the Beta is that this gear will still last you well into your high 70s.  It is therefore, worth getting the badge gear, you are not going to replace it straight away, and it’s going to give you a head start when leveling in Wrath.

Wowhead has a nifty new gear comparison thingy so I can see the difference from my previous weapon, and from the other possible upgrades that were available to me – see here.  To use this, just select an item, and them some additional items you want to compare to it.


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