Patch 3.0.2 Tinuviel’s Hunter talent spec

Edit:  This is an old post – check out my latest posts for 3.1 specs.  And if the one you want isn’t there, check back in a couple of days, I will be talking about other specs.

So what spec did I go with finally?  Here it is.  A 51/10/0 BM spec.

Actually, this is my second spec on Patch 3.0.2.  I initially took Spirit Bond instead of Animal Handler, since pets are supposedly getting their masters hit, and I am near or at the hit cap (depending upon which trinket I have equipped).  But, my preliminary testing with my cat on the target dummies in Ironforge seemed to show she was still missing an awful lot.  So, whatever the cause, I decided to go back and grab Animal Handler, until I could figure it out.

Really, the spec is pretty unchanged from my pre-patch build.  For leveling in Northrend I will probably take Endurance Training and Thick Hide instead of Improved Aspect of the Hawk and Improved Revive Pet.  But for now, there is nothing causing me major survivability problems when grinding, and I am still doing some raiding.

Invigoration and Cobra Strikes are still pretty lackluster.  But longevity and Kindred Spirits seem to give nice damage bonuses, and the 4 extra pet points from the Beast Mastery 51 talent are even more valuable at level 70 than level 80.  I compared the dps I would likely gain from Careful Aim in the MM tree to the dps gain from Kindred Spirits.  Kindred Spirits gives my pet 20% bonus to DPS.  My cat was doing around 250dps (without big red kitty or any major buffs) when grinding mobs in Shadowmoon Valley.  This means Kindred Spirits would give around 50DPS bonus to my cat, and therefore my overall dps.  Careful Aim adds my intellect number as attack power.  As my int is a measlie 208 – I get an additional 208 attack power.  14 attack power = +1 DPS – so this adds around 15DPS – meaning that Kindred Spirits is a much better use of 5 points, than Careful Aim is of 3.  (If I had boat loads of intellect and a tenacity pet, its possible the figures could favor Careful Aim, but I doubt it).  The theorycrafting between Careful Aim and Mortal Shots is beyond me, I will leave that to Elitist Jerks.  It might be that Careful Aim is better than Mortal Shots, but for now I decided to stick with Mortal Shots, as a lot of my damage and shot rotations is about steady sustained damaged, so it is nice to add to the bit of spike damage I have.

Ok, so that’s my talent spec.  What do you think?  What did you choose and why?

Marksman now looks very interesting and viable, and could well prove a higher DPS spec than BM, although may need more skill to play, and be less mana efficient.  I always liked the trapping aspects of Survival.  They seem to have some nice tricks and I was tempted to switch (I have been a raiding survival hunter before).  But I decided with so many changes in game, I was best playing what I knew best, and not changing even more things while I assessed the changes.

I Would like to know your comments and thoughts, and builds, so get posting and lets get some discussion going 🙂


19 responses to “Patch 3.0.2 Tinuviel’s Hunter talent spec

  1. With the change to aspect of the beast, would a bm hunter want to use that now (for the buff to pet ap) or are will still better off using hawk? And does aspect mastery make a difference either way?

  2. To be honest i was always playing WoW pre and after TBC as MM hunter(0/x/x). I always liked the aspect of both PVP and Raiding. Ok, my pets sucked big time but this was compensated with a nice amount of AP on my hunter. Point is i always liked trapping too but never went SV so with the 3.0.2 i think i will give it a try. Plus as i noticed, my AP only dropped a bit. Still i cant decide what pet and what tree to use for it…

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  4. In future they are going to combine aspects of the monkey and hawk into aspect of the dragonhawk learnable at level 75 ( but until then use Aspect of the Hawk.
    Aspect of the Beast is only melee attack power – it applies to you pet and your melee attacks, but not your ranged attacks.
    Gwind has 724 Ap – 10% is 72 – if pets also get 14 ap = +1 DPS as hunters do (not 100% sure about this) then this would add 5dps to Gwind, but nothing to me if I am using my bow as a good hunter should.
    AoH adds 155 ranged attack power to the hunter – which is a dps increase for me of 11dps. Gwind also gets 22% of my ranged dps as melee attack power, so Gwind gets an extra 34 attack power, or 2 dps.

  5. To be honest i was always playing WoW pre and after TBC as MM hunter(0/x/x). I always liked the aspect of both PVP and Raiding. Ok, my pets sucked big time but this was compensated with a nice amount of AP on my hunter. Point is i always liked trapping too but never went SV so with the 3.0.2 i think i will give it a try. Plus as i noticed, my AP only dropped a bit. Still i cant decide what pet and what tree to use for it…
    /quote end

    lol u missed 1,5 years of mm fail in pve and that is NOT becuz of pet dmg its cuz of serpent swiftness

  6. Now that the new patch is in effect, I pull a damage of 1k on aimed shot when before I easily did 4.5k.
    I’ve been a BM specced hunter ever since i started him. I’ve done allot of reading on the new talents, and some people say that MM is now the best way to spec a hunter for dps. When I click on steady shot it also makes concusive and aimed shot cooldown. I do not know at this time what/if I’m doing anything wrong…. I would like to know what everyone else thinks about the new hunter talents, if the best way to spec a hunter for dps is now MM, and if anyone else has the same problems as I do.

  7. Aimed shot has changed, it’s damaged has been significantly reduced (so that it is now about a double steady shots worth), but on the upside it is now an instant cast. This gives hunters another instant cast shot, like arcane shot that they can use (if they spec into it) when on the move, e.g. in pvp or encounters requiring you to move around alot. So it’s not surprising that you are doing less damage with aimed shot.
    At level 71 in Northrend you will get Kill Shot, an instant shot, which can be used when the mob get below 20% health. I have had that crit for nearly 5,000, unbuffed while grinding.
    Steady shot has also been changed a bit, it now uses ammo, so get the best ammo you can, if you didn’t before, it will make a difference.
    For beastmaster’s most of the buffs seem to be in terms of your pets damage, survivability and utility. So while your shots themselves may not be showing higher damage, your pet should be, and should be a higher percentage of your damage, if you go for a high damage pet.
    I don’t pretend to know too much about MM, I couldn’t say whether it will prove to be higher than BM yet. I have never specced deeply into the tree, but check out the Less QQ, more PewPew blow (see link to left) and Elitist Jerks for more theorycrafting between the specs. You can also check BRKs overview post on WOWinsider.

  8. I personally started as a MM (leveling), went to BM to see the difference in DPS (this is all pre 3.0.2). I love Marksman, but BM is fun as well.

    Decided to try Survival when the patch came out. DPS isn’t as high as I’m used too (of course, I could always upgrade my epics as Survival is generally the most gear-dependant). Explosive shot is lots of fun, but the trapping didn’t really seem much different. I even got a glyph to slow down enemies I’ve trapped. But then again, perhaps, in Heroic Durnhold the Sentrys are too savy for my traps hehe ^^;;

    I hear that MM now, depending on how you spec, is going to match, if not out dps BM. Just what I hear, I’m going to have to try it out for myself.

    I really don’t want a vanity pet. I love my Buttons (even though the pet glitch affecting my toon I am unable to call him; I still believe Blizzard stole him because he was just too awesome ^^; – How could you not love a bear named Buttons?!)

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  11. atm u cant regen focust fast nuff 2 make use of “exotic pets” stuff in contradictin 2 a 44/17 with less hit needed (if u got items for it) or atleast in RF/GftT wich u can then “use” in kindred spirit.
    furthermore i dont see the use of invigoration in pve since mana is (atm)deffinetly our least problem.
    Cobrastrikes is another thing wich might come handy but i havent had the chance 2 try (or even calc it). so math geniuses its ur turn now 🙂

  12. Is WoW still the biggest..? how is it going for WAR?

  13. war is by far the best “non wow” mmo but no1 knows if it can be a valid “challenger” aswell the content of war is not rly great (wich ofc will be patched later on)

  14. 70 of all classes

    WoW is the best MMORPG still Fredy and it will be for a very long time, and their is nothing wrong with that at all. It’s the game of the decade that’s for sure & it’s definitely funner than real life.

  15. Ok a couple of problems with you calculations regarding careful aim/mortal shots/kindred. Firstly, you note that kindred boosts net DPS by around 50, vs less for careful. That’s true(ish…more on that in a sec) but it also costs 5 points vs 3, so careful would leave 2 points free for another DPS boosting talent.
    The real kicker though, and hunters everywhere please take note, 14 AP DOES NOT….repeat DOES NOT equal 1 DPS, period. For MM and SV it will be around 14 AP to one WHITE DPS, but that does not factor in all kinds of stuff like the dmg bonus to SS, acrcane, explosive etc etc. For a BM hunter with 5/5 serpents swiftness about 10 AP = 1 white DPS. Without going in to too much detail, 208 AP from careful aim will equal around 37.5 DPS with a steady shot/auto rotation, not including crits and so on. This will improve further as int. becomes more of a priority on your gear (clearly you wear lots of leather gear right now, which was a great idea pre – 3.02).
    As far as mortal shots goes, it will benefit SV far more, and MM somewhat more than BM, since it no longer boosts auto dmg and with the new SS a BM hunter gets most of their DPS from auto shot and their pets.
    One last thought on the kindred vs careful that I forgot earlier, kindred also requires that you have a pet that is alive and is usable, not always the case in a fight. The hunter will, however, nearly ALWAYS be taking advatage of the AP boost.

  16. Based on the information above…I think that it is still a play style choice. I still think BM will top damage/DPS, but I think the improvements to MM and SV greatly close the gap (obviously based on gear/class knowledge how to actually play the spec)

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  18. I’m like 51/0/10 and I pvp and pve amazingly, I’ve gone up to 6.1k hits, Its a really good build, pst me if you find better.

  19. since wotlk, the best pve specing is put about 8 points in mm, first 5 in the one that gives crit, next 3 in the one that is 100% ratio or imtell to AP, meaning 1 intell = 1 attack power, then go full survival, survival gives u amazing crit chance, once u are speced, STACK INTELL, u can get from enchants about 700 intell, thats 700attack power, and heaps of mana, about 6k mana, which is alot of arcane shots serpent stings n w/e, this is by far the best way to spec, i saw a 80 hunter pulling 5k dps on single targates, thats alot, the reason u stack intell is both because of AP bonus and the mana, with all that mana u can crit non stop for a minute, u dont hit as hard as MM, but u crit heaps + mana ( shots), its just the bes u can do, also its very good for pvp, but dont try it untill u have got some good gear up u can get up to arround 5k attack power, which is alot, also for dps get one of those wotlk wolds, they give a buff for 10 sec of 143 ish AP, n its got a cd of 10 sec, meaning its always on. with this spec u dont hit amazingly hard but dps over time it owns