Patch day lag!

Tinuviel got stuck in Shatt and couldn’t log on without getting d’cd, so I mainly played on my druid, Bluebear (who hit 70 a week ago, yeay!)  I was fine until I went to Stormwind, then the fun started.

I fell through Stormwind….Stormwind after the apocalypse
Stormwind after the apocalypse

I logged on and off.  And got this…Stormwind bizzare-o-land

Stormwind bizzare-o-land.

I could even see tiny little people riding about the canal district, above me.

I rode around a bit marvelling at sw rendered as a Dorling Kindersley Cross-sectional model over my head, and then fell off the edge of the world.  It’s a long long way down.

All of this was in pursuit of some herbs.  Bluebear has become an inscriber and I had been powerleveling, perhaps I has been sniffing the dust from too many crushed weeds.  It was certainly a weird trip!

Any hows.  World Server is down right now, but Tinuviel does have a new talent spec.  I will be posting it today, and discussing why I choose the talents I did.  I will also train and test out some new pets and bring you the results.  I did some of this on the Beta, but some how it seems more real and trustworthy doing it on live.


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