Battle of the Pets! Cat vs. Devilsaur

The old king of the hill takes on the new contender for the throne.  Who will win?

Meet Smaug – previously he could be found sneaking up on unsuspecting adventurers in Un-Goro crater.  When tamed, he became a big red killing machine.  He has pretensions to the DPS throne.  An exotic ferocity pet with bite (54-76 damage at level 64)and Monstorous Bite  (Your devilsaur ferociously bites the enemy, causing 43-57 (rank 5, level 64) [rank] damage, and boosts its own damage by 3% for 12 seconds. This effect stacks 3 times. 10 sec cooldown) he thinks he’s a force to be reckoned with.


Meet The Cat with No Name – he’s handsome and cool.  He is confident in his status as the No. 1 hunter pet.  This one also has one of the prettiest of skins.  His claw (56-76 damage at level 64) and rake ( at level 64 – Rake the target for 28-38 bleed damage and an additional 10-12 damage over 9 sec. – 10 sec cooldown) are forces to be reckoned with.  He’s not afraid of the devilsaur.


So what happened?

Devilsaurs are exotic pets, supposedly uber pets, right?  I expected him to win.  But no, the tests shows the cat as the clear winner.  Out of the 8 tests, the devilsaur only won 2 rounds, and then the least important ones, and by a smaller margin than the margin between the cat and devilsaur on the big hitting rounds:

Level 60 target dummy

Growl only – devilsaur 233dps   cat 216dps

Growl + focus dump – devilsaur 269dps   cat 264dps

Special skill only – devilsaur 267dps   cat 301dps

Special skill + focus dump – devilsaur 305dps   cat 360dps

Level 70 target dummy

Growl only – devilsaur 49dps   cat 82dps

Growl + focus dump – devilsaur 93dps   cat 137dps

Special skill only – devilsaur 70dps   cat 93dps

Special skill + focus dump – devilsaur 95dps   cat 120dps


We have a winner!  The Cat with No Name goes through to the next round.  /cheer!


But don’t release your devilsaur into the wild just yet…

Blizzard have said that they intend to buff exotic pets and that they intend for them to do more damage than normal pets.

The battle of the pets is partly a bit of fun, I don’t claim to be the worlds best theorycrafter, however I think the tests above show that something is not working as intended.  Rake should not outperform Monstorous bite given the on paper numbers.  The devilsaur was doing a bit higher dps on the level 60 dummy until the special skills were introduced into the equation.

Also, the major drop in dps on the level 70 dummy makes me wonder if the pets really are getting my hit rating?  They are supposed to be.  But I even took points in Animal handler as I was skeptical about this.  It looks like the devilsaur was suffering more misses than the cat, could hit be correctly applied to the cat but not the devilsaur?  Unfortunately, I didn’t look at the detail on recount at the time.  I may have to do more testing to figure this one out.


8 responses to “Battle of the Pets! Cat vs. Devilsaur

  1. Yep – found about the same thing. I’ll stable the Devilsaur, but level the cat for now

  2. A few questions about the challenge:

    1/ were both pets 70?
    2/ were they specced or unspecced? If specced, how?

  3. just re-read the rules.
    You should state what spec you are using outright for both pets. so people know exactly how you are comparing them to each other in terms of talents.

  4. All the pets are level 65 pets (as some are not available at 70 like the devilsaur).
    All ferocity are all specced the same way, choosing dps talents like spiked collar, spider bite, and cobra reflexes.
    The cunning pets will also be specced for dps for the purposes of this competition and will share the same build as other cunning pets.
    Sorry, don’t have the build in front of me now, will try and remember to post it.

  5. Well guys I tried it.

    I’m playing a dwarf hunter at sylvanas
    I leveled a Devilsaur till 70 and a Cat till 70.
    Gave them the exact same spec.

    Still the cat wins

  6. The bleed damage ignores armor

  7. Yeah, from whta I read about the Devilsaur he performs better in raids, against high-armor bosses (the kind of fights where dps actually matters). He needs raid buffs to truly shine though.

  8. I agree Veronwe. These were early tests. The cat has been nerfed since. In Patch 3.1 it appears that the top contenders for raid DPS are the Devilsaur, spirit beast, raptor and wolf. Although the wolf is not for its own DPS but for the combined hunter/pet DPS that its furious howl (which now stacks with Blessing of Might) gives.

    The Devilsaur may be king of the hill, just. But his large hit box and noise don’t make him very popular in raids, getting in the way of people’s view and abilities to click target.