Battle of the Pets! Controversy – Smaug launches appeal!

Smaug was not a happy dinosaur about the result, oh no!  He launched an enquiry and insisted on a rematch.

He said that the tests were sizest and disadvantaged those of larger than average girths.  He wasn’t finding it easy to get behind the dummies and the wall, and the dummies were parrying him more than the sneaky cat.

The judges have upheld Smaug’s appeal (I think he might have threatened to eat them if they refused to listen).  So there is to be a rematch for this first fight.  Stay tuned for results.

All other fights will ensure that fighters have a chance to get behind the target and are not parried.

*The target dummies do not fight back, but they do dodge and parry.  Mobs can still dodge when attacked from behind, but not parry (I asked a rogue).  If your pet can get behind a mob, it is likely to do more damage, if it has to fight the mob from the front, either because it is tanking for you, in pvp, or because of the position of the mob, then it will do less.  It may be that in some dungeon and other scenarios the Devilsaur really will have a harder time positioning itself behind a mob, and this might be a real factor to be taken into account when choosing a pet.


One response to “Battle of the Pets! Controversy – Smaug launches appeal!

  1. I’m riveted.

    Can’t wait for the next episode.