Battle of the Pets! Monstrous bite not monstrous?

The rematch took place.  A level 70 target dummy was chosen.  Smug leapt into an early lead almost doubling his previous figures when he was being parried.  With growl only, and growl and focus dump, the results were:

Growl only – devilsaur 92dps   cat   79dps

Growl and focus dump – devilsaur 154dps  cat 131 dps

However, when the pets used only their special skill or their special skill and focus dump, Smaug’s lead came tumbling down:

Special only – devilsaur 117dps  cat 146dps

Special and focus dump – devilsaur  156dps  cat 180dps

Now, something should jump out from this – Smaug did not seem to be using his Monstrous bite on the target dummy, whereas the cat was using his rake quite happily to score a lot of damage to the target dummy.  Is Monstrous bite broken?  Or are target dummies not functioning properly to allow the testing of all spells?  More testing to follow.

Next up in battle of the pets cat vs wasp… stay tuned.


4 responses to “Battle of the Pets! Monstrous bite not monstrous?

  1. This same problem happenned to me when the ptr was up, devilsaur’s damage comes down, because of the lack of focus to keep monstrous bite up all the time, then add rabid and bite, and his damage is lower than it should be.
    Solution: Try “go fo the throat” to solve this, meaning, you attacking while the pet does, just keep out cobra strikes talent, to ditch off the RNG variable, and parse the pet damage with recount or any other damage meter that separates well the pet damage of the hunter’s damage, and try to make the pets on the same constant buff enviroment

  2. Just one problem with that. It is impossible to have a devilsaur and gftt @ lvl 70.

  3. If you read the rules post, you will see all the pets are level 65 pets for that reason :>)

  4. I think ryugami is talking about the PTR. In the beta I had a level 71 devilsaur (the one from Netherstorm) and had similar issues.

    However, I am not sure it is just focus, if you read recent blizzard posts you will see Rake is getting nerfed as being overpowered. This might bring the devilsaur back into the running as the highest dps pet.