Patch 3.0.2 – changes you may or may not know about

Here are some of my initial observations on some of the changes and FAQs with Patch 3.0.2.  (Apologies to Horde readers for only giving locations for things in alliance cities – Harrylime doesn’t get around as much as he’d like).

1.  Talents

Ok this one should be obvious if you have logged on by now.  All your talents on all your characters have been reimbursed.  You need to reassign your talents.  You now have access to the new 51 point WOTLK talent trees.  If you are a hunter, your pet also has a talent tree, this is on the same talent window as yours, the tab is located to the top right.  Don’t forget to go to your trainer and purchase and higher ranks of new spells you have learnt.  Also to note, if you wish to respec, the respec cost has not reset.  Tinuviel did respec, it cost her 35G.  The talent refund does not count as a respec in terms of the escalating cost of respecs, but niether does it reset the respec cost back to 1G.  Tinuviel’s talent spec is here.

2.  Stablemasters

Visit the stablemaster if you are a hunter to purchase your two additional stable slots, the fourth slot costs 50G and the 5th 100G.  If you are a high level and have the money you will almost certainly want these and will be crying out for more, with all the new pets on offer.  Stablemasters will also offer to return any rare minipets or mounts to you that you once had but destroyed because of lack of bag space.  This only applies to those that are achieved through quests, not vendor items.

3.  Mounts and minipets

Mounts and minipets are now stored on a tab on your character window, rather than taking up bag or bank space.  To put them in this new storage space, right click on them. You can view this window by opening up your character window, and going to the pets tab – as a hunter your hunter pet window is also there.  You can also summon your pets from this window, or drag them onto your hotbar.  I have been trying out an addon for my minipets, though it doesn’t seem to be working perfectly – Minipet.   Just found this macro – /run CallCompanion(“CRITTER”, random(GetNumCompanions(“CRITTER”))) – going to try it instead.  If it is the first time you have used your minipet since the patch you will get an achievement – Can I Keep Him?  There are several achievements relating to collecting minipets.  Collect 50 minipets and you are sent a pet skunk by non other than Breanni from WarcraftPets.  Tinuviel is frustrated she really wants a skunk and had planned to get one – she has 49 minipets and a 50th with Harrylime, that she was planning to trade on the neutral ah to get across to Tinuviel (a little pet smuggling league with Anelf’s help).  However, there is a bug, which means that you cannot sell any minipet that you owned before the patch 😦  There was also another bug where some minipets and mounts disappeared when you put them on your new tab.  Blizzard have been sending people these back in the mail.  This is a bit confusing in itself, as they sent me back pets I had not lost, I took them out of my mail and has a message to say I already knew them, so now they are taking up bank space again!  I am worried about deleting them in case the corresponding ones in the tab disappear!  It’s all a bit of a mess at the moment.  On the up side, you can make quite a lot of money selling pets on the ah as lots of people are suddenly interested in collecting pets for the achievement and because they always wanted to, but didn’t because of the bag space issue.

4.  Achievements

Lots of players are throwing themselves into the new achievements system.  You can view your achievements by clicking on your achievements window – the icon looks like a shield and is on your micro bar next to your talents.  Achievements are generating a whole new interest in the old world, old world dungeons, trade skills, exploring, and doing stupid meaningless things to get the achievements.  You have never seen so many LFG for UBRS since Burning Crusasde Hit.  And why?  Because huge numbers of people want the Leeerooy!  (sp – not enough ee’s) achievement – which involved killing 50 rookery whelps in 15 secs and gives the surname Jenkins to the player.  Some other achievements give titles – a run through Gnomer with a gorilladin and a few runecloth turn ins to the gnomes gave Tinuviel the title Ambassador, meaning she is now exalted with each of the 5 alliance cities.  Anelf is throwing him/herself into achievements quite literally – he’s getting very annoyed as he cannot get the achievement Going Down?  – fall 65yards without dying to register no matter how many times he tries it.  Tinuviel and Bluebear did it quite easily, once someone suggested jumping off the scryer rise in Shatt was a good place, but Anelf’s achievement seems to be bugged.  He’s ticketing Blizzard about it.  Some of your old achievements will be recognized and awarded, others won’t.  Don’t bother trying to ticket Blizzard unless you have really tangible evidence and it is impossible to replicate in the next year, they have said they won’t reinstate them, you will just have to redo them.  They have also said the achievement points won’t buy you anything, the achievement system is the reward system, not another grind toward something.  If you are in a guild you will keep seeing you guildies achievements popping up in guild chat.

5.  Glyphs, herbs, lexicon of power

The new profession, Inscription, was introduced in Patch 3.0.2.  This has sent people into crazy mode.  Inscription is based on the herbalism gathering profession.  Scribes mill batches of 5 herbs to produce pigments, they then turn the pigments into inks, and use the inks with parchment, which is bought from a vendor, to make their wares.  Scribes make several things, the big one being Glyphs.  If you open up your spell book, you will see you have a glyphs tab.  There are spaces for 3 major and 3 minor glyphs (though one of the major ones is only opened up at level 80).  Glyphs buff you in some way.  For instance the Glyph of Hunter’s Mark improves the attack power bonus of Hunter’s Mark by 20%, while the Glyph of Freeze Trap slows the mob if they break from the freeze trap early.  Scribes learn the recipes for major glyphs from their trainers, but they discover the recipes for minor glyphs from Inscription Research, which has a 20 hour cooldown, so only one discover per scribe can be made per day.  Hence, if you look on the ah you will see lots of major glyphs being sold, but not many minor ones, and the minor ones are tending to go for higher prices because of rarity.  

To apply a glyph take your glyph and stand by a lexicon of power.  This is a blue book, and is located next to the inscription trainer in a major city.  You can ask a guard where these are, but in sw the trainer is in a house next to the Stockades; in IF in a house next to the gryphon master; and in Darnassus in the trade area upstairs from the enchanters.  There is also an inscription trainer in the mage tower in Honor Hold in Hellfire Pennisula, but there doesn’t seem to be a lexicon of power there.

Bluebear, my druid, is now 362 inscription.  It took me a day and a bit to power level her.  I had almost all the herbs saved up beforehand on a bank mule.  I had saved every herb I had picked when leveling Bluebears herbalism from 1-375 plus some from some other toons.  It used 100s and 100s of herbs to get up to this level.  There is no point in trying to go to 375 until the expansion, as all my recipes have now turned grey and green and I cannot learn any more (except discover minor glyphs) until I reach a Northrend trainer.

A couple of pieces of advice to people thinking of taking up Inscription.  Stop!  Don’t rush into it.  Unless you planned to do this in advance, like I did, and saved up lots and lots of herbs, think twice before changing now.  The price of herbs have skyrocketed on the ah, even if you have a lot of money, I would not think it a good idea to buy your herbs off the ah.  Don’t try to level inscription without having a high level herbalist alt and without picking your own herbs.  And right now you might want to consider selling your herbs rather than leveling inscription.  If you were there at the beginning you could make a lot of money selling glyphs; you will still be able to make some, but prices for the glyphs and herbs will be begin to fall and then stabilize.  I actually donated all the glyphs I made while leveling to my guild, although now I have leveled I am trying to sell a couple, especially my minor glyphs.  El’s Extreme Anglin has a good leveling guide for inscription here.

Scribes can also make a couple of other nifty things.  One is vellums for enchanters to write their enchants on so that these can be sold on the ah.  This is cool, you now won’t have to search the end of the earth to find someone with a +35 agility enchant and then worry about handing over your mats, and hope you can trust them.  Scribes can make certificates of ownership – always wish you had named your pet raptor ImWithStupid something else?  Now’s your chance to rename him MyOtherPetsADevilsaur.

6.  Barbers shop – shave and a haircut

The barbers shop in Stormwind is in the alley behind the ah; the barbers shop in Ironforge is across from the ah, to the left of the bank as you are facing it.  I am pretty sure there is not a barbers in either Darnassus or Stattrah.  Click on the seat to sit down and get your hair cut.  The price seems to be dependent upon your level.

7.  Currency

Items like your marks of honor and badges of justice has disappeared from your bags and are not on a currency tab of your character window.  There is also an option on the interface menu to display these at the bottom of your backpack.  Not only does this mean that they no longer take up bank space, but also that you always have them with you if you see that must have purchase.

8.  Raid bosses nerfed

We went to Kara last night.  Oh boy have they made it easy!  The bosses dropped like we were in Deadmines (well slight exaggeration).  We a lot of new people in our group, especially the two tanks, my Bluebear as main tank, and a guildmate Warillarly as offtank.  We were able to run through from the Huntman to the Curator easily (with one hiccup on Romulo and Julianne when I let Romulo kill Anelf – oops!)

9.  Target dummies

As well as practicing your new skills for real, you can also go smash a target dummy.  In Ironforge these are located between the Military ward and the Forge, in stormwind they are near the Champions Hall in the old town (someone told me).  Note if you have been reading Battle of the Pets!  you will realize you need to get your pet behind the dummy if you want to test him without his being parried.

10.  Addons and macros

Many of your addons and macros will be broken.  Curse gaming has a list of supposedly 3.0.2 compatible addons.  Many of these still have major incompatibility issues too.  A big thank you to all those addon developers out there who go to the effort to give us their wonderful free addons. Like many people I am an addon addict, and wait anxiously for my favorite ones to be fixed again.

11.  3.0.2 – The Petopia Patch?

Some people are calling this the hunter patch.  Not because hunters got over-powered, but because one of the most visual changes is all the pets, particularly corehounds and other exotics running around.  Enjoy!


2 responses to “Patch 3.0.2 – changes you may or may not know about

  1. Don’t worry you can delete the mounts and pets you’ve already learned and they won’t disappear from the pets tab. I deleted the ones I had already learned and they’re still in my mounts tab.

  2. I also got all my pets and mounts mailed to me when none of mine disappeared. What I did find out was that all the pets they mailed that were not soulbound (pets from quest rewards and mounts are all soulbound) I could mail to my other toon so now she has tons of pets as well. Then I just deleted the mounts and soulbound pets that were taking up bag space. Double the pets, double the fun!