Battle of the pets! Round 2 – cat versus wasp

Can TheCatWithNoName defend himself against the new challenger – the wasp?

Meet Blacksting, the famous red and black wasp from Zangamarsh.  He has a unique, gorgeous skin, and in the wild will sting you turning you completely black for several seconds with his sting.

Blacksting is a fearsome animal, with Sting as his family skill adding nature damage and decreasing the armor of his opponent.  He also has the focus dump Smack.

Who will win?

We watched for parries; wasp put in a credible performance, but he was not able to match the cat (or the devilsaurs) performance on either the level 60 or level 70 target dummy.

Level 60 target dummy

growl only – cat 216dps   wasp 212dps

growl and focus dump – cat 264dps   wasp 238dsp

special skill only – cat 301dps   wasp 253dps

Focus dump and special – cat 360dps   wasp 304dps

Level 70 dummy

growl only – cat 82dps   wasp 92dps

growl and focus dump – cat 131dps   wasp 132dsp

special skill only – cat 146dps   wasp 97dps

Focus dump and special – cat 180dps   wasp 142dps

However, we were still pretty impressed with Blacksting.  Using him without his hunter doesn’t fully utilize the benefit of his family skill.  Lowering the armor of your opponent benefits the hunter as well as the pet, whereas the cat and devilsaurs family skills benefit the pet only.  At the moment, Blacksting and Smaug have done enough to keep their feet in the stable slot and avoid the abandon button – but will the next challenger unseat them?  Stay tuned for the next installment of Battle of the Pets!  Round 3 – the reigning defender CatWithNoName takes on the nether ray – no other than Count Ungula.


4 responses to “Battle of the pets! Round 2 – cat versus wasp

  1. Hm…nice 🙂
    How about those Ravengers?

  2. I can’t wait for the Silithid to join in! I don’t think he’ll win, but I’d like to see it, I’ve always wanted one. 🙂

  3. Loving your site.. thanks for all the well thought-out hunter advice. 🙂

  4. wasps are bugged on live and are infereior dps see