Hallow’s End and the Headless Horseman


Four Little Leper Gnomes are We

Four Little Leper Gnomes are We

(I am on Bluebear – my druid – in the picture above, in case you are wondering why I have a bear paw sticking out my back 🙂 )

Hallow’s End is going on in WOW right now, and this year there are achievements to go with it.  Suddenly, people are interested in getting sick on candy and going trick or treating, and every is running around trying to find an elusive troll without a pumpkin on their head, so that they can jam one on there and get the achievement.

Like many other people we have been farming the Headless Horseman.  I have to say I am really disappointed in how easy and boring the fight is, and in most of the loot table.  Lord Ahune for the Summer Fire Festivals was at least a challenging fight for most people, and Coren Direbrew was a fun fight, even when you were farming him night-after-night as we were, to help our less geared guildies get trinkets.  But the horseman is just too easy, we kill him in less than a minute, and Anelf is dpsing rather than healing.

So far, we’ve killed him about 30 times, we have oodles of rings and all have brooms.  Two of us have helms for the achievement, but we have yet to see either the squashling or the sword drop.  However, last night Entrigan got this…..

The Horseman’s Reins.  Woot!  Major Congratulations Ent!

I was so pleased Ent won the roll 🙂  Not only is he our awesome guild master, but he has been going all out to get the achievements, and also to get a rare mount. (Obtaining this mount gives a Feat of Strength achievement.)  He has been paying the Baron in Scholomance a visit almost every day, for a while now, trying to score that uber rare mount.  But this one’s even better – it flies!


One response to “Hallow’s End and the Headless Horseman

  1. Went also about 30 times won the headless horseman mount, but at the same time I won the loot I lagged out when I logged back on no mount nor achievement of strength. Have the DPS ring, Sword, and the pet! I opened a ticket yet to log on to get my reply from Blizzard! This will be the deal breaker with them if they don’t award me with what I have earned I will quit the game completely! Wish me luck I will update ya’ll later!
    Abruzzi out!