Of hunter macros, addons, shot rotations, UI, and glyphs in patch 3.0.2

We are going for all the shiny bells and whistles here, but hopefully still aimed at the casual player.

1.  Shot Rotations (pve)

A number of things have changed in terms of your spells, but the best basic shot rotations are still very simple for most situations, and will be pretty familiar to most of you.

For Beastmaster hunters:

For very short fights – spam steady shot  … that’s it.

For longer flights – begin with Serpent Sting, spam steady shot, and refresh serpent sting every 15secs as it is about to wear off.

For Marksman Hunters:

Begin with Serpent Sting, follow with Chimera Shot, Spam Steady Shot, refresh Chimera Shot each time its cool down is up (if you do it right, this will refresh serpent sting for free, if it does not you will need to manually add another serpent sting), continue to spam Steady Shot in between Chimera Shots.

For Survival Hunters:

Begin with Serpent Sting, follow with Explosive Shot, spam Steady Shot, when explosive shot is off cooldown add that, when serpent sting is off cooldown add that.

For a more detailed explanation of this see Less QQ, More PewPew, here.

What about auto shot? You don’t need to worry about auto shot anymore, it will thread itself between your other shots without clipping as long as you are not moving.

What about arcane, aimed, and multi-shot?  Steady Shot provides better sustained damage over time for your mana than either arcane, aimed or multi-shot.  Generally, weaving these into your shot rotations will result in lower damage and dps.  Aimed shot has changed.  It no longer has a long cast time, it is now instant cast, but it does a lot less damage.  Like Arcane shot it offers another instance shot that you can use when running.  Both are useful in pvp, or in fights where you are required to move around a lot.  Otherwise, stick to steady shot.

Do I need a shot rotation macro?  Generally no.  Most people used to use macros to try to automate the weaving of auto shot between other shots, and minimise the manual errors leading to clipping of shots and lower dps.  As this doesn’t happen any more, you don’t neccessarily need a shot rotation macro, especially as a beastmaster.  However, there are a couple of macros posted on WOW wiki here, which allow Marksmen and Survival hunters to automatics thread in their chimera and explosive shots when they are off cooldown (I would remove the arcane shot from these).  Having said that, I am using a macro, just to automatically weave Kill Command into my Steady Shots every time it is triggered:

#showtooltip Steady Shot             

/Cast [target=pettarget,exists] Kill Command

/Cast Steady Shot

#Script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

2.  Macros for 3.0.2

Some of your previous macros will work – others need tweaking.  These work:

Pet attack:


/cast Hunter’s Mark

Assist Pet:

/Assist Pet

/Cast Auto Shot

Set focus:

/Focus Target

Note:  There is now an inbuilt set focus – you can do this by right clicking on the persons picture icon (as you would to inspect/invite) – but I still like my focus button.

Assist focus:

/Assist Focus
Use:  Will target your focuses target.



#showtooltip Misdirection
/target focus
/cast Misdirection


Switch aspects:

#showtooltip Aspect of the Hawk
/castsequence Aspect of the Hawk, Aspect of the Viper

Use:  Aspect of the Viper restores mana whilst you are shooting and doing damage, but at a cost, reducing your damage, so keep Aspect of the hawk on, and switch back and forth to Aspect of the Viper, as needed, to restore your mana.

Summon random minipet (vanity/non-combat pet):

/run CallCompanion(“CRITTER”, random(GetNumCompanions(“CRITTER”)))

Use:  If like me you have been collecting pets, you can use this little macros to summon a random one.

Get your thinking caps on – macros I would like:

If you have working macros for the following, I would appreciate you posting them in a comment to this post.  Feel free to post any other useful macros or addons you think would help other players.  Please do not post links – just tell players the name of the addon and the reputable site they can get it from.

Pull macro:  One that shoots distracting shot and then stops shooting (I keep shooting auto shot) – I got something working on the Beta, but not on the live.

Summon random mount macro:  Similar to the random critter macro – but perhaps which also distringuishes between flying and land mounts, and swift and slow mounts.

3.  Addons and UI

This is my current UI (usually Recount sits in the little space to the bottom left):
Here is my list of addons I will add the direct links later, but for now they are all downloaded from either Curse (mostly) or WOWinterface.

I installed a lot of them just today – but they do not appear to be causing errors.


AckisRecipeList – scans your trade recipes and provides a list of the ones you don’t know, and tells you where you can get them
AutoProfitX – sells your greys (don’t really need this now I found FUbar-GarbageFu again)
AutoRepair – repairs you automatically when you visit an armor repairer (ditto)
Bartender4 – replaces the standard action bars with something much more customisable – I tried to live without it and found I couldn’t really
CooldownTimers2 – cooldowns on all spells, traps, trinkets, pet abilities, etc.  invaluable
CT_Viewport – puts the black square background on the bottom of the screen
DoubleWide – wider quest log
DruidBar – shows my druids mana bar when she is in feral form
FloatingFrames – allow you to move your picture icons
FuBar – the bar at the top with the mini addons
FuBar_BattlegroundFu – pvp
FuBar_CharmsFu – raid icon markers
FuBar_DurabilityFu – armor
FuBar_GarbageFu – allows you to throw the least expensive item when your bags are full – great!
FuBar_GrindFu – how many kills till next level
FuBar_HonorFu  – pvp has dates for bg holiday weekends
FuBar_InnboundFu – shows your hearth inn
FuBar_ItemBonusesFu – shows your stats
FuBar_KillMeterFu – bit like grind fu
FuBar_LocationFu – where am I?  Where should I be?
FuBar_LootTypeFu – group/free for all/master
FuBar_MoneyFu – shows your money and how much you have across all your alts
FuBar_PerformanceFu  – shows your pcs and games performance (latency/fps)
FuBar_PetInfoFu – hunter pet info
FuBar_TopScoreFu – records your best scores
Gatherer – remembers where you found herbs/mining nodes
KHunterTimers – shows how long an unused freeze trap will last
Omen – must have threat meter
OmniCC – cooldown timers for cc
RatingBuster – compares stats on gear
Recount – must have damage meter
simpleMinimap – moveable editable map
SimpleUnitFrames – not sure I need this now I have free frame but seems slightly useful – I don’t like the more complex ones like X-perl and pitbull that many people love.
TwinTrinkets – see my trinkets on that little 2 button bar – my druid especially uses this a lot – I tend to macro them with my hunter

4.  Glyphs

You can see all the available hunters glyphs here and here.

Bluebear my druid is  360 inscriber.  She has learnt all the recipes she can until Northrend and WOTLK.  Inscribers learn non-Northrend major glyphs from their trainer.  They discover minor glyphs from Minor Inscription Research, which has a 20 hour cooldown, which is why there are initially less minor glyphs than major ones available.  In Northrend inscribers learn major inscription research and can discover major glyphs.

I am currently using Glyph of Hunter’s Mark (Increases the attack power bonus of your Hunter’s Mark by 20% (Requires level 15 to use.)) and Glyph of Freeze Trap as my major Glyphs (When your Freezing Trap breaks, the victim’s movement speed is reduced by 30% for 4 sec. (Requires level 20 to use.)).  I consider these the best 2 major glyphs available for my pve play-style.  Some of the glyphs look attractive on the surface, but only have very situational uses or are more pvp related.

Once WOTLK comes out, I will be trying to obtain Glyph of Steady Shot (Increases the damage dealt by Steady Shot by 10% when your target is afflicted with Serpent Sting. (Requires level 62 to use.))  And either Glyph of Bestial Wrath (Decreases the cooldown of Bestial Wrath by 20 sec. (Requires level 40 to use.)) or Glyph of Volley (Decreases the mana cost of Volley by 20%. (Requires level 40 to use.)) as my primary major glyphs.

So far, I haven’t really found any of the hunter minor glyphs to be appealing.  Glyph of scare beast is OK if you pvp a lot (I do use scare beast sometimes on druids in bgs, mainly to annoy them, rather than it being really affective).  Glyph of revive pet is also OK if your pet dies a lot in raids, but I have a pet resto druid in addition to my hunter pet, so that rarely happens.

To use a glyph, go and stand next to the Lexicon of Power (blue shiny book, located next to inscription trainers in major Azeroth cities [not outland, I don’t think]).  Open your spell book and the glyphs tab, open your bag with the glyph scroll in it.  Right click on the glyph and then click on the slot where you want to place it.  Done!

5.  Troubleshooting

This was an annoying error I had and it’s fix – I kept automatically switching to another target and shooting at it once mine is dead.  Fix:   In the interface > Combat Menu > uncheck Auto Attack/Auto Shot and check Stop Auto Attack.


15 responses to “Of hunter macros, addons, shot rotations, UI, and glyphs in patch 3.0.2

  1. Thanks for the nice info round-up. Lots of useful info in there.

    On minor glyphs for hunters, the Glyph of Mend Pet seems useful too. It increases your pet’s happiness when you use Mend Pet. Along with some of the new pet talents that contribute to pet happiness, it sounds like you could go a very long way between pet feedings with this glyph.

  2. I’ve put Thunderstomp in my Steady/Kill Command Macro so it gets fired on single targets too.

    I can’t understand why its multitarget autofiring only…

  3. @Pidge: The minor mend pet glyph only gives 20 happiness once per cast. Really not that great. What is great are the pet talents that regen happiness.

    As for the “macros you would like,”

    I know for a fact that the all-in-one mount macro has been made. It’s a dense tangle of macro options, but it is literally one button that can choose between mounts depending on where you are. Cogwheel has it posted in his macro guide on the WoW UI forums.

    As for the pulling macro, you could try putting /stopcast after the distracting shot. Not sure if that will help. Another idea would be slightly more complicated, but should work. You could set the mob you’re pulling as your focus target, select a friendly unit (still in range of the mob and facing it) and use the macro “/cast [target=focus,exists,nohelp,nodead] Distracting Shot”

    That won’t change your target, and since you have a friendly unit (or nothing) selected your auto-shot shouldn’t change. I use similar things for silencing shots and viper stings in arenas. Focus targets ftw.

    More crudely, you could simply keep running while you distracting shot the guy. Kinda ghetto, but it would get the job done.

  4. I think /stopmacro is another one that might work, can’t remember of /stopattack is one but it probably is.

    Last thing I can think of is put “/target player” after the distracting shot, it would target you immediately after you shoot, though if the distracting and auto shots are firing at exactly the same time this probably wouldn’t work.

  5. As far as the random mount macro, I don’t have one. I do instead have an addon that provides a macro and that is called Mounted (from WoWInterface.com). It’s pretty intelligent (will summon faster mounts over slower, will summon flying/ground depending on location).

  6. You are my new bestest friend. The switching target thing has been making me crazy!

    Let me second the Glyph of Mend Pet. It’s ok in terms of lessening pet feeding, but it really shines in raids. I can’t feed my pet when I combat rez, but the glyph means that my pet eventually gets happier anyway.

  7. This is a pretty nice resource. Thanks for putting it together!

  8. Glad everyone is finding this one useful – and even a link from the famous Fimlys (yeay!) – if you don’t know who Fimlys is – check out the Twisted Netherblog cast – link on my side bar. One of the best podcasts on the interweb.

    Oh, and thanks to my awesome guildie Neokia for the Mounted addon suggestion – it is exactly what I wanted. :>)

  9. Where can I find a working version of auctioneer not.. auc-adv.. thanks.. I’ve been goin crazy.. .

  10. No mention of Glyph of Feign Death?! 5 seconds off our aggro dump = huge when you’re the top DPS in a raid. Since the patch I’ve had to keep misdirect up every 30 seconds and feigning as much as possible to keep from pulling off the tank. (Wearing kara gear + badge chest, legs, crossbow)

  11. Yes I think glyph of feign death is a nice one. However, I have never had problems managing my aggro (and even less since the patch), so it wasn’t one that really jumped out as important, except for when feign was resisted. Sounds like you need to look at the whole aggro management issue, you should not be struggling so much.

  12. Pidge at the top mentioned Glyph of mend pet as being useful. When I had 51 beast mastery and points to put into Bloodthirsty, which gives happiness back when you pet attacks, I didn’t see much need for this. However, I am now trying out a 50/11 build, and don’t have the points for Bloodthirsty, so this glyph is now making a big difference.

  13. With regards to Glyph of Mend Pet, in a non-combat situation, I like to spam it if my pet needs happiness. You get 20 happiness each time you cast it, and don’t need to wait for it to finish mending. I throw on Viper for a few secs after to get my mana back up. Basically, food for mana.

    Also, my gorilla is casting Thunderstomp on single targets since 3.03.

  14. 3.0.3 – looks like I need to update this post as a couple of supposedly 3.0 and Wrath compatable addons were broken with the patch! But briefly –

    FloatingFrames is not working at all (in fact it was stopping me logging on to WOW) – in its place I am using MoveAnything (available on WOWinterface)
    CT Viewport doesn’t seem to be working? Haven’t got a replacement yet.

  15. I added just about everyone of the addons above but for some reason I can not get my main menu to show up. Any help?