Battle of the Pets! Round 4 – Cat versus Raptor AND hyena

Apologies for not posting more battle of the pets information sooner.  I have been testing out other pets.

A reminder of the standings so far.  Catwithnoname and his awesome Rake is in the lead and continuing to hold off all contenders.  Second is Smaug the Devilsaur, with the Moth beating down his door.  Blacksting, the wasp, while I liked him, was a somewhat disappointing third, except that his reduce armor spell may have helped a little on the higher level dummy.  This coincides with the findings elsewhere and with some of the things Blizzard are saying.  Commentors on Mania’s Forums have suggested the wasp may be underpowered; Blizzard are probably ‘re-balancing’ the cat and possibly increasing the damage on the exotic pets.  Everyone acknowledges moth’s to be good, but not many hunters are running with them because they are, err…moths.  OK, but what else is out there?  Today I bring you the Raptor and the Hyena.  I’ve also tested the wolf, silithid, and netheray.   I will hopefully be doing some testing on Chimera and corehounds, although I am also thinking of trying out a new spec, which does not including the 51 beastmaster talent, so may make this impossible in the short term.  But for now, on with the show…

In the Blue Corner we have the defending Champion, the Catwithnoname.  In the red corner we have, all the way from Durotar, stolen from under the noses of orcs, Durotar the red Raptor.  There are lots of different skins of raptors, and two different models the old Azeroth model of Durotar, which tends to be sleaker and more realistic looking, and the new Outland model, which tends to be baulked up and more dragon like.  I was riding though Durotar looking to make /love to a swine (now don’t get the wrong idea!  I was working on my achievement – To All the Squirrels I have Loved Before), when I came across Durotar and decided to train him, because of his striking red skin.  If you are alliance on a pvp server, you don’t have to venture into enemy terratory to get this skin (unless you need to love up some piggies), there are red skinned raptors in Duskwallow Marsh too.  Raptors have the family skill – Savage Rend – “Slashes the enemy with the raptor’s talons for [rank] damage, and causes the target to bleed for [rank] damage every 5 sec for 15 sec. Successful critical strikes with this ability temporarily boost the raptor’s attack power.”  At level 64-70 this does 28-38 damage upfront and 10-12 damage every 5secs for 15secs.   Currently that is the same up from damage as Rake, and 3x the DOT damage (Rake doing 10-12 damage over 9secs).  But – Rake has a cooldown of 9secs – and Savage Rend has a cooldown of 1minute.  Straight away, you can see that Rake is going to do a lot more damage.  

The catwithnoname beat Durator the Raptor on every round.  Durator was also out dpsed by the devilsaur and moth, he did do a little better than the wasp when using both his focus dump and special skill.

With such an easy victory, the catwithnoname was up for fresh blood.  A new contender with a red shirt steps into the red corner.  meet Drego (it means flee in Sindar elvish – as he flees after fleeing enemies in bgs) the hyena from Scarlet Monastery.  This guy is a lot of fun.  He’s got character.  I like the noises and animations he makes.  He’s like a big puppy dog.  I want to keep him 🙂 But can his dps, as well as his tendon ripping abilities, earn him a stable slot?

Drego started off real well, he tore the target dummy to shreds, while laughing at the catwithnoname, and went into an early lead while using growl only, and growl and focus dump on the level 60 dummy.  But as soon as the catwithnoname extended his claws and started to rake his prey it was all over, Drego’s special skill – Tendon Rip – is not so much about causing damage directly.  Instead it, “Tears at an enemy’s legs for [rank] and reducing movement speed by 50% for 6 sec,”  meaning that both you and Drego can chew up that fleeing player in the bg who thought he could escape when low on health.  Of course, it works in pve for catching runners too.  Although, it does some upfront damage (33-45 at 64-70) with a 20sec cooldown, and this shows on Drego’s dps when using special skill only as opposed to growl only.  So I’m thinking that Drego could be pretty nice as a pvp pet, but you would probably not want to replace a cat with him in pve.  Separate testing would need to be done to see how effective the hamstring aspect of Tendon Rip was in PVP.

So what’s in Tinuviel’s stable, currently?  Gwind the level 70 cat; Bereg the level 70 gorilla (a post about him coming shortly); the two recent pets I trained for battle of the pets – Drego, and a wolf named Galad; and Beren the bear (formerly Ol’ Sooty), currently level 68, and not sure whether to level him up or stick with the gorilla, more about that in the gorilla post.  I haven’t given up on devilsaurs, but he dury’s out, compared to cats; it depends what Blizzard does to both in future (and I would like the stomping turned off).


3 responses to “Battle of the Pets! Round 4 – Cat versus Raptor AND hyena

  1. Are you going to re-do these battles once the cat rake skill has been nerfed?

  2. Sure I have the data for the other pets, and will redo a cat and write a post on the results after the nerf :>)

  3. Cool, The patch notes that go live today have the nerf to rake in them.