Tinuviel’s latest hunter talent spec (on the eve of 3.0.3)

I have been reading the updated Elitist Jerks Beastmaster Bible, and this has lead me to try out a new level 70 – 50/11/0 talent build.

The theory behind this build is:

  • The 51 point beastmaster talent is dropped in order to take 1/2 in Go For the Throat over in the Marksman Tree.  This increases your pets DPS (although means you are not able to use exotic pets).  Pets are not able to generate enough focus using Bestial Discipline.  I miss the extra pet talent points to be able to pick up talents like Bloodthirsty, giving my pet health and happiness, and boar speed, giving my pet extra speed.  But I do not miss out on any dps talents or the major tanking talents for my gorilla.  This does increase my pets dps.
  • 3/3 careful aim and 2/5 mortal shots provides more dps according to the elitist jerks theorycrafters than 5/5 mortal shots.  I believe them, my personal dps has also increased with this build.
  • This is a raid/high dps build so I have also take the points in improved revive pet for now – I may move those later for Wrath – although my gorilla does have a habit of dying sometimes when we get over enthusiastic about how many mobs he can handle when I have no mana to heal him, so this is quite useful.
  • I have tried 3/5 in frenzy before, but elitist jerks suggest sticking to 4/5, saying 3/5 shows a significant dps drop.
  • Everyone likes 2/2 in spirit bond – it seems a strong for solo pve, raiding and pvp
  • Animal handler in its patch 3.0.2 form is not useful (if you are close to the hit cap), as your pet now receives 100% of your hit rating.  However, patch 3.0.3 drops today, and changes animal handler to expertise.  This will be a straight dps increase for pets, reducing the amount of time they are parried.  Some posters on elitist jerks are advocating 2/2 over here.  But I could not find anywhere I wanted to steal the points from.  I think some might steal them from a non-dpsing talent like spirit bond, but as I use a gorilla for soloing, I need the healing boost.
  • Ferocious Inspiration always was a must have, it is now even better, being a raid wide buff.

I tested my previous build (see previous post here) and this one out on a level 60 target dummy (the level 70 ones were being used and had debuffs stacked on them, I wasn’t sure how this would affect the results).  I used my cat with rake and claw.  I shot using an auto/steady rotation only (no buffs, except aspect of the hawk).  I tested each build for 5 x 1min stints on the dummy (this was about how long my meagre mana bar lasted).

The old build dps ranged from 1,228 to 1,280 (with my dps ranging from 829-871 and Gwind’s from 346-434).  The new builds dps ranged from 1,321 to 1,494 (and hit over 1,500 at one point) (with my dps ranging from 840-966 and Gwind’s from 387-481).  SOLD!

Of course, this may all change after 3.0.3 has settled in, and the theorycrafters have done more testing.  Cats are getting nerfed, exotic pets buffed, and some pet skills are having their focus costs reduced.  But I am still not keen on the exotics, and my wolf is also doing well compared to even my cat pre-nerf (furious howl now scales and is a nice raid buff that helps my dps and those of my raid members, as well as the wolf), so I don’t think I am going to change drastically from this.

If I continued with a similar build while leveling, I might take the 51 talent again during my 70s, but I may drop it again at 80 in order to get Readiness, and have double Bestial Wraths or traps.


4 responses to “Tinuviel’s latest hunter talent spec (on the eve of 3.0.3)

  1. I am a level 49 hunter and I am interested in using your latest build but I dont know where to spend my 39 points at this time. Many posts show the tree for level 70 and I want to make the most of my points at this time. Can you please give me the breakdown of what I should spend my talents on at this point in the game? Thanks and awesome research!

  2. I think I would go for this – http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classes/hunter/talents.html?tal=512002015152120431005000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    It gives you your big red pet and serpent swiftness – the two things that make the beastmaster tree great. Ferocious Inspiration is also awesome sauce – now being a raid wide buff. At 50 you can get the beast within and go big and red yourself. After spending those 41 points in the BM tree, I might consider moving over to fill up the marksman tree’s 11 points, before moving back to finish off the 50 points in BM. This would increase your personal DPS, rather than your pets. But other commentators might have some thoughts on that one?

  3. I’d like to know a good MM or survival spec, i’m level 53 right now, could you help me out?

  4. hello j’m still in patch 3.0.3 and lvl 70 and in my serwer carefull aim doesn’t work ;P.
    what you think about that build :

    and pet cat wiht bite and claw medium dps :p and criticals hit should be in ?(300,1000 itd) ?
    write answer hear or write to siweczek24@wp.pl

    j’m waiting.