5 responses to “Don’t let the hackers get you

  1. I have the authenticator. It is so easy to use and well worth the investment.
    It is the easiest way to protect your account.

  2. I like your post but a couple things to add.

    My advice is to always know what you are downloading. This is the inherent problem with p2p (and those that choose to do it, of which I am not). I always download addons (and you can verify I have a lot of them :)) from sites that I trust. Most of the reputable sites have a scanner that scans incoming data for virus/spyware/blahblah before it can be redistributed to users. If you have to download from a site that isn’t big, at the very least scan the download for viruses.

    Yes, I verify that Firefox is generally safer than IE. Haven’t used Safari yet, but since Firefox isn’t broke why replace it? Firefox has several addons that can make browsing safer: stop script, ad/image blockers, antivirus plugins. It’s not usually a programs fault that something gets on the users computer; it’s the users fault by downloading something. So just verify the site and download before you start using it.

    Also with updating your antivirus, spyware, and whatever else you use, make sure any other program that has browser plugins or access to the internet has been updated as well. Not too long ago several users had their accounts hacked from several problems with Flash.


  3. I got my account back! Thanks for the post! It was a gold farmer that had my account everything that could be sold on my account was sold. It also had a level one alt selling whatever it got that could be sold. All of my gear was the reddest I have ever seen it. Repair bill was /gulp 80g more then I have ever payed before. I also had +1700 gold on the lvl 1 alt so I shared it with my guildmates that needed it.
    Abruzzi out! /Bow

  4. Really glad you got your account back, Abruzzi, grats! Hope you’ve found out how you got hacked in the first place and upped your security. Best of luck in future. Tin.

  5. Great post Tin. I’m so glad Abruzzi got his account back as well. This is very well timed too. I’ve noticed a huge increase in the gold farmers/hackers spamming trade channel lately in anticipation of Wrath.

    It just cannot be stressed enough that even visiting those gold farming websites can get you into trouble. Not just downloading or contacting but visiting their site at all. This is one time that not only can curiosity kill the cat but can get you majorly hacked as well.