New pets straight off the boat in Northrend WOTLK

Azeroth and Outland prepare for war in a new land – Northrend.  Many hunters will be amongst the army that sails out to these new lands to battle the Lich King and his legions.  When exploring new lands, the intrepid hunter will always have an eye to new beasts that can be tamed to assist him in his battles.  Fortunately, a small exploratory force called Beta travelled the land and brought back reports of its regions and beasts.  Much of the knowledge on the beasts that can be tamed by hunters has been collected together in the Petopia library.  For your pleasure, I have extracted information on those beasts that can be tracked down and tamed immediately on stepping from the boats.

worgblacktNorthrend is a wild place.  There are many ferocious wolves in its woods and hills.  In the Borean Tundra, to the NE of the horde and alliance strong holds, around the Geyser Fields, you will find the black Oilstained Wolf, while in the Howling Fjord NW quarter you will find his cousin the black Fanggore Wolf, and on the large island to the west, near the Tuskkar’s village of Kamagua, roams the white Spearfang Wolf.  

arcticcondorwhitetWolves are not the only ferocious creatures you will meet in the first areas you venture into in this new land.  In the snowy lands in the far east of the Borean Tundra, carrion birds fly overhead.  Beautiful black and white condors, with massive wing spans.  But be wary, they have a screech that will make your knees tremble and weaken your ability to defend yourself.

browneagletchimeraskinblue_01tCondors are not the only birds in this new land.  Eagles and hawks fly over the planes.  In the Howling Fjord, to the East of Utgarde Keep, you may see Duskwing Eagles and to the South-East, Fjord Hawks.  In the Borean Tundra, on the western edge of the Geyser Fields, you may glimpse oil-covered Hawks.  Be cautious traveller, these birds like shiny objects and have a habit of snatching weapons out of the hands of the unwary.  Two other winged beauties are to be found in the Howling Fjord: the Darkclaw Bat, in the far NW (NW of the Apothecary’s Camp) and the Frostwing Chimera. The Chimera’s are a difficult beast to tame, and only the most skilled beastmaster may successfully tame this exotic animal.  They are found on the large island to the west, near Kamagua.

If you enjoy hunting with cunning pets, in the same area as the bats, you will find Riven Widows, cunning and fearsome black and red spiders.  

bearskinbrowntSome hunters prefer a sturdier animal to fight at there side, particularly if they are adventuring solo through new territories.  If this is you, there are a number of beasts, some familiar some less so that may be of interest.  First the faithful bear -honey brown colored Rapid Brown Bears can be found on the island to the South West of the Kamagua isle.  Watch out for pirates on this island, they may coerce you into joining their band and doing tasks for them (though lucrative if you don’t mind working with pirates).  Early explorers found they could tame Arctic grizzly cubs, unfortunately their mothers have found a way to make these prized hunter pets immune from hunters taming.  If you favor a white bear, you will need to wait until you have moved up 2 ranks in order to have the skill to tame one.  

jormungarlarvatFjord crawlers, an ivory colored crab, live under the cliffs to the west of Apothecary Camp in Howling Fjord.  In Borean Tundra, Sand Turtles wander the shore to the west of Warsong Hold, near Garrosh’s Landing.  But one of the most exotic pets a hunter can snare and tame in the early part of this new land is the wonderous Tundra Crawler, a beautiful purple worm-like creature.  You must be a highly skilled beastmaster to be able to tame this exotic animal.  You will find them in the snowy areas in the far west and North-west of the Borean Tundra in sight of the walls of the Temple City of En’kilah.

92105But perhaps the creature hunters have heard most about from this new land, since none exist in the known world is the – exotic Rhino.  This beast, as large as a clefthoof, but tameable by the most skilled beastmaster.  It is fearsome to behold when charging towards you.  It has the ability to knock enemies back from it up into the air.  Some even come with their own little pets, a tick bird, perched on their horn.  Rhinos can be found on the Borean Tundra to the South-West of Valiance Keep.

Arrh!!! In the middle of writing this article Petopia went down!  How can we cope without Petopia?  Quick, Mania, help!  I will post this for now, but will add the couple I am missing (grey wolves, black raven-like carrion birds, and red crabs when the site is up again.)


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  1. You had me at Rhino…

  2. You know, I’ve never been excited for the Rhino and don’t plan on taming one. It’s just as well though, I have many pets that I do want and too few stable slots to put them in! >.<

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