Preparation for Wrath – are you prepared?

I wasn’t working today, and I had it all planned out, a whole day of WOWing to do my final preparations for Wrath (I am working tomorrow), but Blizzard had other ideas.  First, another maintenance morning. Oh well, I can live with that.  But then, the servers were down for the whole of the day as the Blizzard postal service lost all our mail.  Its no coincidence that the community forums are usually down at the same time as these unforseen lockouts.  Rotten luck, but I guess I don’t blame Blizzard, these things happen, and I am sure they fixed it as fast as they could.  I am not going to QQ except for one thing – if you are going to put a message on the log in screen that there will be a news update in 2 hours time, make sure there is one, even if you only change the time and then repost the same message.  Time obviously passes differently in the Blizzard universe.  But for the ‘addicts’ check back for their fix every 2 hours, breaking this timed promise for an update was the most frustrating of all.

Anyway, on to being prepared – this is what I have done or am in the process of finishing off:

  • Chose my leveling spec and pet. Check.  I will be leveling 50/11/0 with a gorilla.  I am going to change my current spec just slightly to max out endurance training and pick up thick hide (a gorilla looks so pathetically sad when he dies, all deflated with his face in the dirt, that I feel the need to make him a bit tougher, as I am not very gentle with him.)
  • I’ve attempted to empty Tinuviel’s bags and bank.  This is a work in progress.  I was hoping to spend some of today, rounding off some Azeroth rep grinds, at least to the point that I could hand in stacks of some of the things I have sitting in the bank, like scourge stones.  I still have way too much stuff in her bank though, and most of it is soulbound so hard to send to my mule.
  • Empty my quest log.  Check.  It’s fairly empty there are a couple of group quests still in there, but I think I can get rid of all but 1.
  • Make money. Check.  I have doubled my target gold amount for entry into Wrath, thanks to a little trafficking in vanity pets.  I don’t have anywhere near enough to by a caravan tundra mammoth, but I’m comfortably off by my standards.
  • Get chocolate cake recipe.  Check.  I have been trying to get this one for Tinuviel for so long.  Finally, it dropped.  So I can get on with my cooking achievements without having to get to Dalaran and use cooking daily rewards to pay for a recipe.
  • Get a Mr Pinchy magical crawdad pet.  Check.  Another one I have been after for so long.  I have fished up the box before, but not got the pet.
  • Stock up on herbs, crawdads, and netherweave.  Check.  These should help me level alchemy/inscription, cooking, and first aid a little before needed Northrend materials.  I might consider selling my frostweave initially, rather than leveling first aid, and continue to use netherweave bandages, if the price of frostweave is very high.
  • Have a bank sale with Piratejoe.  I haven’t completely sold all my primals.  I missed the boat on them, and I am hoping some Death Knights are going to want to power level trade skills and may nudge the price up again as supply dwindles.  I am selling off most other things (and hopefully Blizzard haven’t lost all my ah profits that were I am sure waiting for me in the mail.)
  • Catch old Ironjaw and/or a rare fish.  Fail -so far.  I like fishing, but I am not patient at it over long periods.  Still, I’ve fished up about 400 fish in IF over the last week, and no rare fishies for me.
  • Raise my reputations with cenarion circle, argent dawn and timbermaw hold.  Well, I raised my rep, but I am not exalted with any of them yet.
  • Get to exhalted with Netherwing and Sha’tari Skyguard.  Bah, I should have started this earlier.  Actually, I haven’t done badly at raising my rep, especially with the Netherwing, and have enjoyed the Netherwing quests, but I still have a few days to exalted.  Previously, I was happy with my gryphon, but after collecting 50+ vanity pets for Skinker, I turned my eye to that tempting Albino drake and 50 mounts.

I am sure there are 101 other things I should be doing/have done.  But that’s it for now.  OK, I am going to see if the realms are back up yet, goodbye for now.  Don’t forget to park your character near the boat to Northrend on Wednesday night.  See you in Wrath!


2 responses to “Preparation for Wrath – are you prepared?

  1. I feel so under prepared after reading this. Oh well…

  2. … I am not prepared …

    I do have:
    -My leveling spec
    -My banker alt cleaned out
    -My chosen Wrath entry point
    -Enough g for Neokia to use

    Still have to:
    -Park Neokia in his spot, Neombra somewhere safe 🙂
    -Get more goldz 🙂
    -Keep doing fishing and cooking dailies
    -Clean quests books

    As for leveling my professions, I plan to wait on Neokia’s alchemy since he isn’t an herbalist. He will be leveling Enchanting, First Aid (may wait on), Fishing and Cooking. Neombra will probably be taking most of my cloth to level his Tailoring (I want a magic carpet 🙂 ) and he will be leveling his Mining as he goes. Finally little Awny will be getting her epic mount sometime after the leveling of Neokia and Neombra (she’s still at 60). When she gets to Northrend she will be pulling double duty providing herbs for her Inscription and Neokia’s Alchemy. Besides Neokia, none of the others will be working on secondary professions.

    Prepared? No. Planned? Yes.

    See you in Northrend 🙂