Wrath Day 1 – success


Imaginative travel options in Wrath - riding the harpoon gun

I almost feel like writing a retraction for my previous post 🙂  Day 1 of Wrath went off without a hitch (almost) for me.  After several days of disrupted play and preparation for Wrath, the day itself went smoothly.  The game was quick to install, taking at most 20 mins to download and update, my addons all worked, and I was up and playing straight away.

There did not seem to be too much lag or competition for resources.  Sure, a lot of areas were busy, and herbs were thin on the ground, but the dynamic respawn rate kept quest items available.

The only problem was the queue at busy times to get onto the server.  I found myself in a queue of 600 with an estimated wait time of 36 minutes.  In the end it took about 25 minutes to get back on.

I decided to start in the Howling Fjord as I preferred the scenery and some of the quests in the zone when I tried it out on the beta.  Having fun so far, didn’t get many hours play in yesterday, at the moment I am about half way through level 70.  

What was your experience like?  And which zone did you choose to start in?

I have also been following Jame’s leveling guide to steer me in a logical direction through the quests.  I know the bit I found the most difficult in the beta, was running around huge zones exploring, picking up quests as I found them, and then not remembering where the quests where from or where they needed to be returned to.  I’ve used Jame’s guides before, they are very good if you need something to point you in the right direction:

Jame’s leveling guide – Borean Tundra (alliance) (horde)

Jame’s leveling guide – Howling Fjord (alliance) (horde)

Jame’s leveling guide – Dragonblight (alliance) (horde)

Bereg my Gorilla has been doing a fantastic job as my sidekick, whether on one or several mobs, there’s no stopping him.  I just wish he’d stop scratching his butt, it’s like having a pet tauren!  OK, I’m off for a short stint in Northrend before work.  Catch ya later – have fun.


2 responses to “Wrath Day 1 – success

  1. Yes, much better than I had imagined. Though there are still a couple bugs (the flying machine one for starters), but overall Northrend has been an enjoyable experience.

  2. While waiting to be logged in, I thought I’d check my favorite hunter sites for updates and came across this one. The queue was 1010 when I tried logging in 20min ago. 500+ and counting before I can play.

    I started at Howling Fjord, but will try to hop over to Borean Tundra for a look see soon.

    Silvart on Proudmoore