HP ate my game

Hi. Anelf here again. I’m a bit happier now, so I’ve deleted the previous contents of this post. To cut a long story short, I got back from a three week trip and found my laptop wouldn’t boot. So I wasn’t a happy bunny.

I’ve spent most of the day repairing the OS and it seems to be getting back to normal now, so I’m not as angry as I was. And maybe I was unfair in completely blaming HP. I really wish I’d not bought an HP laptop, but the fault this time could just as easily be Microsoft’s (I have Windows Vista šŸ˜¦ ).

And something happened while I was playing WOTLK on my backup machine that really cheered me up …

You know what Northrend is like right now. Full to overflowing with lots of people stepping on each other’s toes and ninja-ing quest mobs off each other. I was in Howling Fjord on the Dead Man’s Debt quest – the one where you have to get Black Conrad’s Treasure. I was standing on my own waiting patiently for a respawn, when a Tauren Shammie rode up on the same quest. Thinking he was being clever, he decided to put down his Magma TotemĀ on the respawn spot to try to ninja his way to the front of the queue. I stood watching him standing my his totem, resetting it each time it expired. He did this about four times.

He can’t have read up on that quest because he obviously didn’t realize that the quest doesn’t start until you dig in a dirt mound. The dirt mound respawned behind him, so I dug it up without him noticing. The ghosts then attacked me and I killed them and grabbed my quest loot.

I took great pleasure in giving the would-be ninja a little /pat and a /lol before I rode off. It makes me smile every time I think about it šŸ™‚ , but I don’t suppose ninja-boy has learned any lessons from it.

For the most part, I’ve beenĀ pleasantlyĀ surprised how smoothly my Northrend questing has gone, seeing as how busy it is. It looks like the dynamic respawn rates are working quite well.

Update (11/23/08 8.55am):

I finished installing WOTLK on my HP laptop late last night (after spending most of the day installing Windows updates). I downloaded all my addins, launched WoW, logged into my banker alt, and after 10 seconds I was getting streaks of white noise across my screen. Then the whole OS crashed. This morning, the screen stays completely blank when I try to start the laptop. This is the same problem (a dead graphics card) I had back in February. HP grudgingly replaced the laptop then (after weeks of phone calls from me). Now I’m out of warranty, so it looks like I’m stuffed.

I thought I’d share this with you all in caseĀ some of you areĀ thinking of getting a laptop for Christmas. I bought the HP Pavilion dv2500 in August 2007. It lasted until February 2008 before the graphics card burned out. I got a dv2700 as a replacement in April (yes – it took HP over 2 months to replace a machine under warranty. The dv2500 was discontinued by then). Now the dv2700 has experienced exactly the same failure.

If you are looking at buying a laptop for WoW –Ā don’t buy from HP. They clearly have a reliability problem, and their customer support (when I used them back in February) was terrible. (I won’t go into the boring details here, but I googled for ‘HP customer service blog’ and found a lot of blog entriesĀ like this oneĀ – several comments on that blog refer to HP laptop deaths and support experiences like my own).


One response to “HP ate my game

  1. Good on ya for that work against the Shammie Nin-Ja.
    On spawns like that, the only time I will try to steal them is if there is someone from the other Faction there, otherwise I either wait or ask to team up.
    If there are groups of mobs then I go all out to tag them when I can.