WOTLK week 1 – went fishing

Sorry for the lack of posts this last week.  Like many bloggers and podcasters, I had a lot more than usual to say on the run up to Wrath and then once I got the expansion, all I wanted to do was play.

I have leveled some over the last week, although I have deliberately not raced to 80.  Partly, this is because I enjoy the leveling experience and don’t want to get it over with too fast; I have also been leveling my trade skills (especially fishing, more below); have been obsessed with a couple of achievements; and because Anelf was away for the first week of Wrath and I didn’t want to get too far ahead of him.  Now he is back we can level together.  OK, so this is what I have been up to with some, hopefully, useful suggestions:

  • I finished off my Netherwing rep grind to get my netherdrakes.  These daily quests in Outland also gave experience each day, as did killing the mobs.  Not as much experience as Northrend, but still some.
  • I completed the quests in Howling Fjord, earning the achievement Fjord explorer.  I used Jame’s leveling guide to help organize the order of the quests.  Jame actually suggests starting in Borean Tundra (BT), but says on his site that you can do Howling Fjord (HF) first too, if you like.  I am working through BT with Anelf now.  Just my preference, but I prefer the landscape and quests in HF. 
  • I was able to solo every quest in HF, including 2 and 3 person group quests, and quests involving killing elite mobs.  The only quest, and its follow ons I was not able to do was the one at the quarry, where you use the little plane with a grappling hook to pick up sacks.  This was bugged in the beta, and still appears to be bugged, I could not select or grapple any of the sacks.
  • I thought the quests at the explorers league outpost the most fun.  I laughed over the obvious referenced to one of my favorite films, The Big Lebowski, and had to go rewatch it.  Hunter tip for the quest with the tamed hawks.  When you have to set your hawk on the hawks flying around, you can use feign death to your advantage.  This part of the chain is a bit time consuming, it’s hard to get to find hawks in range to target (the ones perched on rocks are easiest, but you can hit them out of the air too).  The hawks often come in pairs.  If you find 2 hawks on a rock, and send your tamed hawk against one, the other will attack you.  But if you feign death as soon as you send your tamed hawk in (with your pet on passive), you can wait for the cooldown on your tamed hawk, and then use it to get the second hawk too, rather than having to kill it.
  • It is very quick to level gathering skills.  My herbalism is now maxed out at 450, only picking starting zone herbs.  Anelf maxed out skinning in one day.  Fishing took longer, but is no where near as time consuming to level as it used to be.
  • I got to Dalaran early using the BG method.  To do this, your friend, already in Dalaran, forms a group with you and then enters a BG queue as a group.  When you get the call for the BG you enter and then /afk.  This deserts the BG and transports the whole group (including you) back to the place where the group leader joined the BG queue – Dalaran.  Set your hearthstone here, grab the flight path, do the quest to get attuned the to the violet gate transport stone to the ground below, and you’re all set.
  • I spent a lot of time fishing in Dalaran.  See El’s great little video on fishing in Dalaran – link here.  I was very lucky and got my Giant Sewer Rat fairly quickly.  I have also been fishing at the fountain, and have got most but not all the coins for the achievements.
  • Another Dalaran obsession is the achievement Higher Learning.  The link here to WOWhead tells you where you can find the books (see the comments).  I’ve found four so far.
  • One reason to get to Dalaran early, was the cooking dailies.  To level cooking above 415 you need to do these, as the dailies award you Dalaran Cooking Awards, which can be used to purchase new recipes.  They also give you Northern Spices, which are needed for the higher recipes.  You need a lot of these spices.  They are not soulbound and can be traded.  I have brought my alts, Bluebear and Soupgdragon to Dalaran to do the cooking quest, so that they can supply Tinuviel with additional spices.
  • So that’s about it.  I am currently close to 74, having completed all of HF some of BT and a bit if Dragonblight.  My friend and guildmate Neokia may be 80, as I write this.  If so grats to Neokia, and to my other guildie and excellent tank, Keeferblah, who was challenging him to first Soldiers of Fortune member to 80.  It will be a while yet before Anelf and I are up there, but it looks to be a fun ride.  Thumbs up for a great expansion 🙂

Me and my Giant Sewer Rat - love at first sight!




















2 responses to “WOTLK week 1 – went fishing

  1. Dollarbill -> Keeferblah -> Neokia. When it came to 3:00 AM EST I decided sleep was more important 🙂

  2. Congrats to Dollar, Keefer and Neokia, Soldiers of Fortune’s first to level 80!