Is WOTLK a little too …

… erm … easy?

Last night another Hunter in our guild was talking on chat about how easy he was finding it to solo elites in the expansion. He went on to say that the thing he’d died from most was running out of breath on underwater quests – i.e. he’d killed himself more times than all the mobs had killed him.

That prompted other guildies (of all classes and all levels from 70 thru 80) to start chipping in saying exactly the same thing. To prove the point, a level 78 mage who’d just asked for help killing an 80 elite came back into chat to say ‘Never mind. I just soloed him’.

Now Soldiers of Fortune is not an elite raiding guild. We’re a casual family guild. (Sorry Entrigan – I mean an elite casual family guild 🙂 ). Yet we’re all progressing quickly through the content with very few ‘walks of shame’ between us. Tinuviel is level 74 and has died once (running off a cliff). I (Anelf) am now 72 and the closest I got to dying was when I fell asleep at the keyboard and woke up just in time to stop myself – you guessed it – falling off a cliff. Ok, I am dressed in purples mostly from Kara, which you’d expect to last a few levels into Northrend, but I’ve not even got close to being killed – even when soloing 3-man quests.

And a good number of our guildies are easily progressing into the high-70s having done no BC end-game raiding (i.e. starting out mostly in greens).

So now I’m starting to wonder. Is WOTLK just a little bit too easy? Are Blizzard doing this deliberately and planning a fairly quick follow up with a content patch? The quests are so easy (and in many cases repetitive) that I’m not that enthused about it. The environment is beautiful, but the quests aren’t. I really hope they hot up a bit when I get out of Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra.

So what’s your experience of questing in WOTLK? Do you think Blizzard has got it right?


Update (11/25/08):

Talk about tempting fate. I died for the first time last night just after posting this. I was following Jame’s leveling guide and followed his instructions to jump into a hole into some water (something I’d done once before without problem). I landed in the water but somehow I died from the fall anyway. So I too have now killed myself more than mobs have killed me 🙂 . And I’m a bit annoyed that I’ve now lost my perfect ‘not died in Northrend’ record – I was hoping I could get all the way from 70 to 80 without dying 😦 .


6 responses to “Is WOTLK a little too …

  1. I don’t get much raid time, so progressing solo in the game is great! Having said that, I do agree that the quests are all pretty much rehash of the old stuff – some of them don’t even make sense, especially the “shamanistic” ones. I’d like to see more quests that require a bit more finesse than just spam-dps-kill (the old hunter epic quest from MC comes to mind – I failed miserably at it, but it was very challenging, and made me realise that there’s more to a hunter then I thought). I am also mindful of the fact that many of us Horde players find it difficult to get groups, so even “3-mans” can be tough to accomplish. Maybe a little tweaking on Blizzard’s part is needed, but certainly not too much that it becomes impossible to solo.

  2. I’ve never raided, started a new char in about a month and have been leveling it pretty calmly. Reached 71 lastnight and all I have to say is that what I’ve seen from Northrend is that quests are fairly easy… I’ve wondering about that myself too, and was starting to think how a great hunter i am! (Don’t misunderstand me!). So now I get really 100% certain that the quests are easier and not me that knows how to play all that good! 🙂

  3. I can easily solo the elites whose health hovers around 20,000. The ones that are significantly higher (40,000-50,000) usually smack my little blueberry around so much he can’t survive so I can’t get a second round of dots on. I might try speccing into demo to see if that will allow me to solo the bigger guys, not sure what it will do. The majority of elites are immune to Curse of Exhaustion so eh. I think they are somewhat easier, but Affliction is easy to solo in so I don’t really know.

  4. Sorry, just checked. I’m wearing 9 pieces of lvl 70 gear and most of it is enchanted all wrong (hey, no one is calling out for enchants 🙂 ). So yes, WotLK is a bit easier.

  5. Flying through it in my T5 gear. Have only died once, and that was due to me not paying attention and falling off a cliff.

    Elites aren’t very elite at the moment imho

  6. Oh, and Utgarde was far too easy….. I have more trouble getting dressed in the morning