Ding 80!

After pottering around for the first week, I knuckled down and made 76-80 in 3 calendar days.

Here’s newly 80 me.


Tinuviel at 80

Tinuviel at 80

Now that I am here, I hope to write a few more posts with some hints and tips.  We’ll have a look at gear, quests, instances, zones, spells, shot rotations and more.  So stay tuned and poke me with a big stick if I don’t write every couple of days 🙂

Edit:  People are asking about the cat.  He is a Cursed Offspring of Hark’oa (76-77) from Zul’Drak in Northrend.  He looks like a low level night elf area cat, except for the glowing eyes and haunched over head posture.  His glowing eyes look particularly cool when I hit bestial wrath, and when he is stealthed.  When stealthed he also has a silverly sheen to his white stripe along his back.  I think, but I am not sure, that there might be an additional animation that his eyes flash extra bright on a kill or special attacks.  He is very cool, but I am not sure whether I will keep him or not, I also have Gwind (Shy-Rotam) and Gilgalad (Pitch – the Humar skinned black lion) in my stable waiting to be leveled up.  I picked up this one as he was higher level than either of those, and I was going into an instance.  I need to decide which of my 3 cats will be my raiding companion in future (until that is I find a spirit beast, and Blizzard fix its dps :>)  or I decide to give a devilsaur another go).


4 responses to “Ding 80!

  1. /poke

    going through steady shot post withdrawal…


  2. Grats 🙂 I’ll see what I can work out for enchants, and which I can pick up to help out our hunter population. There are many enchanters, but there is only 1 Neokia 🙂 (well excluding the thousands of alts made on server downtime, the lvl 21 hunter with no relation to me, and the 4 on the eu servers lol)

    Grats again!

  3. What pet do you have in that shot?

  4. I got that type of cat from Stonetalon Peak when I was lvl 24 – kept it all the way to 70 (sitting in the stable now as I try new pets – Devilsaus size is starting to piss me off a little!).

    Anyhows, Nipsys (the cat) eyes don’t glow like that….. 😦