Critter Gitter

One of the more oddball achievements those whacky Blizzard dudes thought up is Critter Gitter. You have to feed Critter Bites to 10 critters in 3 minutes to coerce them into becoming your minions. Just find an area with a high density of critters, and you’re good to go. Anelf did her’s with Zul’Drak Rats and with the help of Tinuviel’s home cooking (Anelf never got much beyond Spiced Wolf Meat).

Sometimes you have to wonder what those guys put in their coffee during their brainstorming sessions.

Anelf's Army

Anelf's Army


Tinuviel:  Good places to try for this achievement include anywhere there are a lot of available critters running around.  When I first tried it with Tin, I was in Grizzly Hills, where there are a lot of wild squirrels and skunks, but not enough to easily round up 10, before the buff wore off the first few enchanted skunks.  I got my achievement in the Wolvar camp in Sholazar Basin.  One of the early quests in the chain to become friendly with either the Wolvar or Oracles, involves rounding up chickens that have got loose.  Other good places include the Turkeys near the Explorer’s League post in Howling Fjord, and Shattrath, where there is a group of chickens near the bread and meat vendors, and rats and sheep elsewhere in lower city.


6 responses to “Critter Gitter

  1. I found the place I’ll be trying for this achievement. There is a good sized ice berg near the area where the “murloc king” gives his quests in Borean Tundra. Seems to be more than ten penguins hanging out there sunning themselves.

    (flips through her cookbook looking for the recipe) Time to get cooking!

  2. I just used the same turkeys that got me my friend or fowl achievement. Felt bad killing what I just made my friends, but then again I am a warlock 🙂

  3. Would the Deeprun Tram rats be a good place to get this?
    I’m horde, but enjoy partying in the Deeprun Tram sometimes, after a few healthy naked corpse runs. 🙂

  4. Absolutely! I knew there was a good one in a low level area I had forgotten 🙂

  5. @Shawndra: LoL. That would be cool. Make sure you post a screenshot of you and your penguin army. 🙂

  6. Confirmed, deep run tram in a easy way to get this achievement. Took me all of a minute tops to find all the rats i needed