To the dark side – Tin makes a Death Knight


The Dark Side

Having dinged 80, I decided to try out the new Death Knight class.  I thought that the breaking (oops, I mean changes to) feral droods had cured my altitis.  I was happy with my hunter.  But 80 came up a bit too fast, hunter nerfs are rearing their ugly head, and I have felt less than enthusiastic to dive into end game pvp and heroics gear grinding.  

I’ve got a bit disheartened with the big changes and ‘balancing’ to the main classes.  I wanted to level up another DPS and largely melee class, but I was worried that I would put all that effort in, only to find ‘the rug pulled out from under my feet’ at the end of it.  Hence, the attraction of the Death Knight.  Blizzard want their new hero class to work – it doesn’t strike me that a DPSing Death Knight is likely to be a Ret Pally at its lowest ebb.  

There was also another attraction to the Death Knight:  Anyone who has read my About Me page, will know that I have always wanted an engineer, but that my low level engineers have never survived my level 26 cull.  Here was a character I could start at 55 and power level engineering, and hopefully one who could quickly get to the stage of being able to supply Tinuviel with Mammoth Cutter bullets and other goodies.

My Death Knight, Kibeth, has finished the death knight starting area quests, and is now level 58.  The name Kibeth comes from the excellent young adult fantasy, Old Kingdom trilogy, by Garth Nix (Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen).  The series includes good and evil necromancers, who bring the dead back from death, or reanimate rotting corpses with the souls of dead creatures.  I thought this quite appropriate for a Death Knight 🙂  She is also another Night Elf.  I tried to create another class, I really did.  I kept making new Death Knights, all named Kibeth, on the start up page, and leaving them there for a few days, before deleting them and trying another class.  I was tempted to create a horde Death Knight, or a dwarf, or even a human for the diplomacy bonus to rep.  But in the end, I like the new shadowmeld so much, for both soloing and raiding, that I found it hard to think about passing up on this excellent racial.

I have taken a break from leveling to power level my mining and engineering, so that I can mine in the Outland when I go there.  Look out for a couple of posts coming up on my Death Knight experience and some handy info for Death Knights.  Actually, I have been looking around for a good Death Knight blog.  I haven’t found anything yet, can anyone suggest anything?  I don’t know if others are finding it difficult to find Death Knight information, but compared to hunters and even druids the new class seems to be rather thinly represented by detailed information.  I am thinking of broadening this site to try and fill some of this gap, and also give Anelf a bigger part.


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  1. DK Websites: is alright. Elitist jerks of course has a great DK section. Past that I wouldnt mind hearing some suggestions myself.