Anelf’s New Year (World of Warcraft) Resolutions

Best not to ask.

Best not to ask.

Its always worth setting yourself targets. Otherwise you never know when you’ve failed 😉 . So here’s my list of 10 things I’m planning to do in WoW in 2009 (in no particular order). I’ll keep this post up to date with my progress.

1. Obtain the Guardian of Cenarius achievement title for Anelf. This is the must-have title for any Druid. I really should have been grinding for this pre-patch-3 instead of messing around on my alts.

Status: Completed Jan 3th 2009. I used Phaelia’s technique for grinding Cenarion Circle rep, which was really easy (I did it over two days while visiting my in-laws). I was already most of the way through revered with Cenarion Expedition from helping a Warlock friend grind for Quagmirran’s Eye. Tinuviel and I duoed Heroic Slave Pens, and I  then finished off with the 30 Coilfang Armaments we’d been hoarding. (BTW Outland Heroics are embarrassingly easy for Level 80s).

2. Obtain the Ambassador of the Alliance achievement title on at least one alt.

3. Level one of each healer class to 80. I’ve already got the Druid there. My Pally is at level 56, my Priest is 39, my Shammie is 10. I suspect the Priest will be the next in line, as I can’t get very enthusiastic about melee classes (despite the love that Retadin’s have received recently).

4. Roll a Hunter. As I mentioned some time ago, I’ve never rolled a Hunter, because I was always running with Tinuviel (or her other Hunter alts). No promises how long said Hunter will live before I kill her though.

Done – Rolled Shuggie – a Dwarf Hunter – on 1/11/09. I’ll write up my hunting experiences (and Tinuviel’s advice to me) if I enjoy playing him (i.e. if I don’t kill him off).

5. Do some PuGs. After early bad experiences, I’ve always been very PuG averse. I still recall my second PuG, where a Warlock needed on everything that dropped (and I mean everything – even BoP plate). He kept apologizing and claiming he hit the wrong button. Still don’t know why I stayed in the group so long 😦 . I’m lucky to have a group of friends I enjoy running instances with, but its time to add a few more people to my friends list (and my ignore list 😉 .

6. Be nicer to people who can’t out-DPS the tank. More generally, the thing that irritates me is when someone expects to be invited back on raids time after time, when they are making no effort to improve their gear, talent build or shot rotations to improve their performance in the raid. Sometimes I let my irritation show a little too much 😦 .

7. Write a WoW addon. A colleague at work (who thinks I’m a bit weird for playing games in my spare time) pointed me to Addon Studio for World of Warcraft. I just hope it proves to be compatible with WOTLK.

8. Roll a Death Knight. 11 million other players can’t be wrong. I’ve already reserved the name – Anelfknight. (Adeathknight was already taken). The DK starting areas should be reasonably empty by now.

Status: Rolled Anelfknight on January 3rd 2009 – a male Night Elf Death Knight. I’ve done a few of the starting quests and he’s now sitting in Ebon Hold gaining rested XP before I go back to him. (However, I’m not sure I’m going to like him. Melee has never been my thing, and I have a suspicion this melee class will leave me cold as well. At least I’ll be able to use the information Tinuviel has started posting :-).

9. Don’t die so often. Resto Druids are the raid canaries. (You know the CC has broken when the druid dies). Night Elves can now temporarily remove themselves from the threat table when this happens by hitting Shadowmeld, so I’m looking forward to the person who broke the CC dying instead of me.

Status: Started, ongoing. I’m getting used to Shadowmeld now, and its already showing dividends with my armor bill. I’m avoiding a lot of personal deaths and group wipes by hitting my panic key just before the CC-broken mob gets to me. This is such a fantastic class talent (unless you’re a tank).

10. Spend less time playing WoW. This might be slightly incompatible with everything else on my list, but  few more weekend camping trips IRL would be nice (especially having stumped up the cash for all the camping gear last year).

Status: Not going so well. I’ve probably been spending more time on WoW since the new year than at any other time since I bought it. The main reason is probably the Northrend Heroics, which I find a lot more fun that the Outland Heroics were.

What are your plans for WoW 2009?


2 responses to “Anelf’s New Year (World of Warcraft) Resolutions

  1. Apart from the Guardiun of Cenarius title for my hunter i’d really like to try and level a horde to end game… never been able to do thus far xD

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