Tinuviel’s New Year (World of Warcraft) Resolutions

happy-christmas2Anelf has some New Year resolutions, so I guess I should too.  

1.  Obtain the achievement What a Long, Strange Trip it’s Been and the violet proto-drake reward.  Aim high!   Actually, at the moment I am on track I have my Hallowed be Thy Name and Merrymaker titles, and have my Kodo and Brew of the Month membership for Brewfest Brewmaster so that I will be able to get that when it comes around in October.

2.  Level my Death Knight to 80.  Obtain The Argent Champion title for her to make up for her misdeeds; plus obtain exalted with the Knights of the Ebon Blade since she is one.

3.  Max out all of Tinuviel’s professions; plus Engineering on my Death Knight and Inscription on my Druid.  May also max out Jewelcrafting on my Shaman, but not such a big priority.

4.  Complete all the Northrend heroic 5-mans with Tinuviel. 

5.  Clear 10-man Naxxramas with Tinuviel and experience some of the other 10-man raids.

6.  Extend and improve this blog, returning to more regular posts and widening it to include information on other classes, especially the Death Knight, and more general information including professions and achievements.  Hunters will not be forgotten, and as I am now getting into heroics and raiding, I feel better able to write some informative hunter posts again.  Anelf will be continuing to post regularly, so the blog will be a join effort 🙂

7.  Improve the design of the blog, and possible change the title and address, to fit the new extended content. (May need some help from Anelf the IT expert for this one, hint, hint.)

8.  Apparently, I am spending less time playing WOW to go camping IRL.  Where Anelf goes I go.  Well, can’t let the resto druid go off into the wilds on his own without his hunter for protection, he might get et up by a bear.


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