Anelf’s Resto Druid Easy Naxx-Ready Gear Guide (Part 2)

AnelfBling and Weapons

In Part One, I looked at Armor items. This time its bling and weapons. Part Three covers item enhancements. Remember, this list is gear you can get from professions, questing and the AH to gear you up for your first Naxxramas run. I’m excluding stuff you have to PvP or farm badges for.


Dragon Prow Amulet -BoE drop from Utgarde Keep. Fairly common on the AH, and therefore reasonably cheap. This baby is my necklace of choice, giving good stats at a reasonable price.

Amulet of the Crusade – Quest/Icecrown. If money is tight, this is a good alternative to the DPA. Less stats, including 10 less Spellpower, but you do get a gem slot. (Although once you factor in the cost of a decent gem, you might prefer to just buy the DPA.

Titanium Spellshock Necklace – Jewelcrafted epic. If money is no object, you might want to burn 2K gold on this. Its really a Balance piece, and not good enough to warrant choosing it over the DPA.


There are a lot of rings you can choose from – especially if gold is no object. I confess there are so many rings and trinkets that I’ve probably missed a couple of good ones.

Loop of the Kirin Tor – Do you have 8500 gold to spare? I had to include this one because its so awesome, but I think I’ll buy a couple of epic flying mounts for my alts before buying this 🙂 .

Titanium Spellshock Ring – Jewelcrafted epic. I had to include this one because I saw one on the AH on New year’s Day and treated myself. Its really a Balance ring, but it has a gem slot.

Signet of Hopeful Light – Argent Crusade exalted. Ok, so you’re not likely to get to exhalted with these guys until you hit the heroics, but its nice to have a goal.

Ring of Temerity – Quest/The Occulus. A quest in an instance, so the loot is guaranteed. (Remember its farming random drops we want to avoid). There’s a ring with MP5 from the same quest, but this has so much more Intellect and Spellpower I selected this one instead.

Newt-Eye Ring – Quest/Icecrown. Good Intellect and Spellpower. Bat-Wool Signet is available from the same quest if you’re short on Spirit.

Ring of the Fallen Shadow Adept – Quest/Icecrown. Our first green, and pretty good. Intellect, Spirit, and above average Spellpower.

Twisted-Puzzle Ring – BoE Northrend drop. Can’t be bothered questing? This one should be a reasonable price on the AH.


Darkmoon Card: Greatness – OMG. Buy the Nobles cards or Deck off the AH if you can find them. Or grind your Inscription for the cards.Comes in several different flavors.

Darkmoon Card: Illusion – Probably not quite as good as the Greatness. Still a nice mana battery though.

Futuresight Rune – Quest/Dragonblight. I like trinkets that have an ‘on equip’ +Spellpower, because I don’t currently have them macro-ed to my casts. The +Spirit ‘on use’ is great if you need a boost when you Innervate.

Softly Glowing Orb – Nice ‘on use’ Spellpower boost. Good +Spirit ‘on equip’.


You’re  a little out of luck for easily obtainable idols. The only pre-level 80 Northrend idol you can get is Idol of Pure Thoughts. But that’s from Grizzly Hills PvP dailies, so I have to exclude it from my list 🙂 . That leaves you with whatever idol you had at level 70 until you can farm the 15 Badges of Heroism for your Idol of Lush Moss. This was going to be my first Badge buy, but I’ve read a few posts saying its broken at the moment so I’m holding off. I’m still using my Idol of the Emerald Queen right now.

Edit (1/8/9) – I’ve just read that Idol of the Emerald Queen is being nerfed in patch 3.0.8. According to the PTR patch notes on MMO Champion – “This idol was providing greater healing than implied by its tooltip. It has been reduced to correct value.” This appears to be Blizzard’s answer to complaints that the Idol of Lush Moss was broken because it hardly gives any improvement over the Emerald Queen – “the new idol isn’t rubbish, it was the old one that was too good. Where’s me nerf-bat”. Looks like I’ll be buying the new Idol just to keep my Lifebloom power as it is 😦 . Doesn’t feel good to be grinding badges just to keep from moving backwards.

One-Handed Mace

Totemic Purification Rod – Revered with Kalu’ak. The Kalu’ak are probably the easiest Northrend faction to hit Revered with. Just do all the Northrend quests from their villages, and you’ll be revered before you hit 80. This mace is good enough to start your heroics, but you can get better …

Gavel of the Brewing Storm – Revered with the Wyrmrest Accord. This is a good upgrade from your walrus mace, giving an additional 41 Spellpower. (Shame you lose a little Haste for the Crit, but neither are that important). It takes a while to hit Revered with the dragon dudes, so make sure you start doing their dailies as soon as they become available so you can grab this baby as you hit 80. Drake Hunt is available at level 69, Defending Wyrmrest Temple at 71, and Aces High at 80, but they only give 250 rep each.

Titansteel Guardian – BoE crafted epic. I’m putting this one in the list because a Priest in our guild was really keen on it. I’m not so impressed – its got oodles of Spellpower, but no Int, Spirit or MP5. So its great if you like to have +Spellpower competitions with your friends and don’t care about your other stats (or if you’re happy with the Int and Spirit you get from the rest of your gear). I’d rather save my cash and wait for something a little more balanced to drop. This baby costs a packet – 2000g+ on my server.


Added 7/5/2009

The Argent Tournament in patch 3.1 introduced some nice gear for new raiders, You can start grinding the Tournament dailies from Level 77, so you can be well o your way to having the Champions Seals you need to buy the gear you need by the time you hit 80. The dailies also give very good XP.

Probably the most notable item for a Resto Druid is the Dagger of Lunar Purity. This gives 408 Spellpower and a big chunk of Spirit. Its now probably the best starter weapon for Resto Druids, and makes grinding Wyrmrest rep slightly less important.

I favor this dagger over the Titansteel Spellblade for the much better stats balance. The spellblade can be bought on the AH, so if you feel you have enough Int and Spirit, you may prefer to buy that and grind some other rep instead. (But if you’re buying a Titansteel weapon, you’ll want the Titansteel Guardian for the extra Spellpower).


Prison Manifest – BoE drop from Violet Hold. This is an awesome Blue off-hand.

Frostbridge Orb – BoE Drop from the Occulus. Another very good off-hand.

The Witching Grimoire – Quest/Icecrown. Has Spirit and MP5.

Faces of Doom – Inscription crafted Purple. This is on a par with the Prison Manifest, and is probably slightly better. Its likely to cost you more though

Iron-Bound Tome – Inscription crafted purple. Significantly more Spellpower, but only Stamina and Crit. A reasonable buy if you feel you already have enough Int and Spirit and need the extra Spellpower..

In Part Three – Enhancements (enchants, threads, etc).


9 responses to “Anelf’s Resto Druid Easy Naxx-Ready Gear Guide (Part 2)

  1. that mace is a pally tank mace… 🙂 nice +sp, but horrible stats for any healer

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  4. Thank you so much for the guide. I found it very useful. I did have one comment. I noticed that you disparaged the Titansteel mace for having only spell power but not being “balanced” with other stat improvements. Yet maces themselves pale in comparison to staff statt inprovements, which can run up to 250 or more and you seem to have chosen them for the SP. Am I missing something?

  5. @Eric

    Thanks for the comment.

    My omission of staves reflects my preference for using a one-hand + off-hand. This is based on my experience that this combination will generally give you better stats than just a staff.

    For example, the best mace and off-hand I list here give 82 Stamina, 68 Intellect, 34 Spirit, 355 Spellpower. They’re pretty easy to get hold of.

    A quick search on wowhead for Staves I can get from quests and rep shows the ‘Staff of Redeemed Souls’ from Icecrown is about the best for resto Druids – this gives 50 Int, 61 Spirit and 242 Spellpower (and a blue socket).

    The staff has very good Spirit, but falls significantly short on the other stats. (I’m finding stacking Spirit really isn’t a problem in Northrend).

    I wouldn’t rule staves out completely (I’ve used them while levelling). I’ll try to go back and edit the article to include some when I have more time. But I think you’ll end up with a mace and off-hand at end-game.

    My point about the Titansteel is really that you’re paying 2000G for very unbalanced stats – compared to around 200G for a balanced alternative. I might accept those stats if I were relatively very short on Spellpower and it wasn’t so expensive.

  6. I am having trouble getting the required 1500 sp for heroics, I have the titansteel mace, dragon prow neck, and all my armor is highest grade leatherworking blues. Do enchants and sockets play a VITAL role in achieving enough sp?

  7. @ Brad – Yes – enchants and spellthread makes a big difference – especially when your gear is a little on the low side for heroics. Just go to part 3 of my guide and add up how much +SP you can get from them.

    I wouldn’t get hung up on hitting the exact numbers people recommend for heroics. If you’re close, then give it a try. Eat some buff food, chug some +SP potion, and choose heroics that are easy on the healing – CoS, Nexus and UK.

    BTW If you’re pugging, then enchants play an additional role. A lot of people will check you out on the Armory before inviting you to group. Having no enchants is a big neon sign over your head saying “I’m not taking my gear very seriously”, and will lead to some people declining to group with you. (And the people who are selective in who they pug with are most likely the ones you really want to pug with 🙂 ).

  8. Notice you did not mention the epic mace from heroic nexus…once in to raids worry less about your SP and more about your mana regen…you cant heal if you cant cast, the nexus mace gives you int rather than stam for a slight drop in SP but trust me it is worth it 🙂

  9. @ vitalmonkey – Yes. The Nexus Heroic mace is a great mace. I still have it. Its omitted from my guide because I’m specifically avoiding random drops (other than BoE items you might find on the AH).

    Once you start running Heroics for Emblems and randon boss drops, then you’ll want to move onto a guide that includes these. Resto4Life has a good guide at that level, although I’m not sure she ever wrote her final Part 3.